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Alana and Marko from Saga vs Jack O'Lantern and Harley Quinn.
Alana and Marko are bloodlusted and trying to defend their baby Hazel.  Jack O'Lantern and Quinn are intent on their goal of defeating Alana and Marko, but are in character and not bloodlusted.
The battle takes place in a cut-down cornfield in front of a castle (Hazel is inside the castle).  They start 20' apart.
Alana has a standard laser pistol (not the Heartbreaker stun pistol she has in the comic).
Marko has his magic sword, and can also use his other magic abilities.
Jack O'Lantern is the classic Jason Macendale (pre-Hobgoblin), and has his wrist blasters, smoke and concussion bombs, body armor, and pogo platform. 
Harley Quinn is New52 and has a sledgehammer. 
Macendale Jack O'Lantern
Harley Quinn


Here are some scans of Marko's biggest fight scene, in the same bloodlusted mode he is in in this battle:


Who wins and why?
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A bit more detail: Alana is not necessarily super-skilled as a fighter, but is a trained soldier, and has accurately shot multiple people in the series so far.  Marko had a scene of complete mayhem where he took out a whole army patrol who were all armed with laser rifles, while he was armed only with a magic sword.  He blocked all their laser shots at him, then beat the crap out of them.  His other magic is probably not useful for offensive purposes as far as we've seen so far; he can heal, and make vines disappear, and teleport when using certain artifacts.  He's also a soldier.
Jack O'Lantern is a highly trained mercenary, but mentally unstable and not always as competent as he thinks he is.  He was always beaten by Hobgoblin.  But he has an advantage in having his highly mobile pogo platform.  Harley is a good but not great fighter.  She's handicapped by having no distance weapon.
To a degree, Alana and Marko's bloodlusted state will give them somewhat of an edge.  Jack will probably bounce around a lot and throw smoke and concussion bombs.  Alana will try to shoot him down.  Marko will probably close on Harley.  I think Marko will take her out, then the question is whether they will be able to deal with Jack's mobility.  Although I don't believe we've seen Marko shoot energy out of his sword, he have seen other beings form his alien race do that, so he probably can too.  So they will try to blast him down while he tries to take them out.  They'd have a 2 to 1 advantage, but he'd have a greater variety of weapons in his multiple bomb types and energy blasts.