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Akuma Kratos is Overrated.

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Oni Akuma for win.

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I think Akuma wins against Kratos... but not easily. Kratos has been fighting Gods for some time now. That experience could play into his hands against Akuma... even though, I don't know if Kratos has fought anyone quite like Akuma.

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Akuma via Wrath of the Raging Demon.

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Akuma : It's always fun to kill a God.

Akuma with some effort.

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@racob7: Question?

Does Kratos have his God powers and all weapons and abilities?

Akuma via Wrath of the Raging Demon.

Probably this depending on Kratos' allowable abilites.

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Akuma wins in a very very long and bloody battle.

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@onilordasmodeus no god powers full gear

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Kratos is underrated, especially on these forums, but I honestly see Akuma winning this fight with some effort put into it.

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I've always said it, and will continue to do so,...Kratos is OP. As strong as Akuma (or whoever kratos is put up against) is, I can always see Kratos having a chance.

The only things Akuma really has over Kratos is the RD and speed, and speed wise I think Kratos could hold his own. The RD would push Kratos probably to the brink of death, and if that happens I think Hope would take over and protect Kratos from death. Hope Kratos vs Shin Akuma would be a great fight. If Akuma get's Oni form from Asura's Wrath though, I think it would take some god powers for him to get the win.

Rethinking my original statment, IMO, Kratos would win if Akuma's limit is Shin form, otherwise Akuma wins in a long fight if Oni is in.

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Kratos dude is a god.

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Kratos better pack some of that magic sh!t, unless he wants to be punted to the moon

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Kratos dude is a god.

And your point is?

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To me as a huge gamer, this depends on the power levels of both characters.

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@racob7: What versions of Akuma and Kratos are being used?