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I find this an interesting match up because for several reasons. One, Aji Tae is a demon with god like abilities and is facing Strange. Strange is facing a demon lol anyway If you read the manga, this Aji is the worst of the worst villein one could ever meet. Not in terms of power but rather how disgusting he is to the point of making the audience no matter who they are, wish him the worst pain possible. He is very powerful. Powerful enough that he could beat Strange easily if you read the manga.

For all you who does not have any knowledge about Aji, look him up. This guy...you have no idea how much of a good job the author did on this guy. I believe this Aji Tae would not only just beat Strange, but he would without even lifting a finger...litterely.

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Come on guys, what do you think? Or should i post some of the feats Tae did?