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The Eleventh Doctor against the world's greatest assassin.

(Both scenarios are win by kill for 47, The Doctor wins if 47 is killed or incapacitated. Also 47 is Blood Money era but before his betrayal by Diana towards the end of the game, so he is still employed by the Agency.)

Scenario 1

The Doctor, Amy and Rory have been invited to the marriage of Martha Jones and Mickey Smith and the reception is going off without a hitch! A relatively small affair at first, with only a few UNIT members, some former co-workers and the bride and groom's families in attendance. But unbeknownst to them all, 47 has snuck in with a copied invite and has one mission: to kill The Doctor.

The Doctor is armed with his sonic screwdriver and psychic paper. No mental handicaps are put on him, he still is his usual zany self unless others begin being killed, in which he will go into desperation. He only achieves blood lust if Amy, Rory, Martha, Mickey or their respective families are killed.

Agent 47 is armed with two silenced Silver Ballers with expanded clips, a coin for diversionary purposes, his fiber wire, poison and sedative ( three uses each). He also has his SPAS 12 with a butt stock and a silencer stashed away in a suit case in a men's room stall. He has gotten in no problem as there is no metal detectors. 47 is trying to keep this as quiet as possible (no kill crazy). If it were the game the player would be at least trying to keep it Professional.

The location is a standard reception hall, there is a band (getting ready to set up, meeting their new bass player as the old one quit last second, the band is in the hall and the newbie is running late, note that this is in 47's intel) standard bar with a bartender, and plenty of food and drink. the food tables are being eyed up by a UNIT member.

The only other people with guns are the UNIT members, they each have pistols.

Scenario 2

The Doctor, Rory and Amy are doing their usual thing, flying about in space, when The Doctor is given a distress call from Torchwood, the message being from Captain Jack. Someone has been killing the Doctor's former companions. Knowledge of this came forth after Sarah Jane Smith sent out a call: "Help me Doctor." before being executed via head shot outside her home. The Doctor visits her grief before becoming enraged in a way he hadn't in a long time. The four are in Amy's home village discussing the possibilities of the assassin's identity, unaware he is near. During one of the murders 47's tattoo was caught on film, this is the only descriptor other than skin color that anyone has.

The scenario starts out at a park near a hospital, after a bit the four head down three blocks to Amy and Rory's home. There is a church near by that the bell tower of is overlooking the road near the home.

The Doctor has blood lust towards 47 (the fury of a time lord) and aside from that his same load out as before.

47 does not know The Doctor's appearance but does have Captain Jack on file even though he isn't a target. He was told to track the tardis and not be fooled by its appearance so he is aware The Doctor is around and traveling with Captain Jack. 47 is not as particular in this scenario and will kill those close to the Doctor, or any witness. He is armed with the previous arm set minus the shotgun, he now has his remote mines, and is carrying his M4 (in a suit case so assembly is required and not in public) which is upgraded with armor piercing rounds, a buttstock, drum magazine, a scope and a silencer. He also has his W2000 Sniper Rifle hidden in the janitor's closet in the second floor of the hospital. The rifle is decked out with a lightweight frame, low velocity rounds, carbon fiber barrel, bolt action, and a silencer. Also his Silver Ballers now have laser sights to be more noticeable.

If Captain Jack is incapacitated he is out for six hours, the walk from the park to the Pond's home takes two. and when they leave Jack decides to stick around for awhile before following them back. 47 does not know Jack is immortal.

All 47 Weapon info: http://hitman.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Hitman:_Blood_Money_weapons


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bump for any sort of intrest

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@ringmaster17 said:

bump for any sort of intrest

Lol this is a great battle. The thing is agent 47 is a crazy killer but then again you said the doctor is bloodlusted so that automatically gives him the win.