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This is a full universal war, anybody below omnipotent

No cheap win people

Jobber aura's off

1 day prep for P&F universe, and they get help from Kick Buttowski ( standard gear )

Can prep during the war too

Full info

Morals off


Takes place anywhere/everywhere in a mix of the worlds

Every one will work together

Both universes get 5 resurrections but they will take a day to complete ( say Finn gets killed a team member can bring him back to life but it would take a day for it to happen )

Win by full destruction of the others universe or surrender

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Hm..Princess Bubblegums sacred guard could outclass ANYTHING Phineas and Ferb could build, unless it's a giant tank. The same being with Ice King. Perry the platapous may be a problem, but again, I'm sure Jake can handle him.

Here's my short answer: Adventure time, 5/10.

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There's only like 4 threats on P & F's side. Phineas & Ferb, Perry, and Kick (he has some decent toon-force). Unless we're using the alternate versions of the characters as well, but still that's only adding so many more characters to the mix, and the only different one being Dr. D (he can actually be menacing sometimes in alternate universes). On the other hand, there are ton of combatial characters on the opposing side, plus tons of magic, and beings that Phineas and Ferb may not be able to deal with, ex: Scorcher who seemed nigh unbeatable, Lynch King who's just insanely powerful, and Hunson Abadeer, a guy who can eat souls, probably each one from P & F's universe.