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Franklin has no Prep.

Parallax has full knowledge but no prep

Random Encounter

Uninhabiated Universe

Who wins?

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-_- Franklin isn't on Parallax level

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Adult Hour Para Richards, is the only logical conclusion to this battle.

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100% of Killemall words and scans taken from another thread because i'm lazy.

Recreates the multiverse

Final Night 04: Defeated Sun-eater (a force of nature who goes around eating stars) and re-ginited the sun but died in the process

Green Lantern , Volume 03 Issue 0: Fights Kyle Rayner, they look quite evenly matched(which is weird) and the fight ends with Kyle destroying OA (and Parallax came specifically to absorb energies from OA) and Kyle flies away.

Green Lantern, Volume 03, Issue 63/ 64: Fights and beats the Justice League, albeit with some difficulty

Green Lantern Volume 3, Issue 105: easily beat Guy and beat Kyle, although again seem to have some problem against him

Green Lantern Volume 4, Issue 50 : It was stated that even Spectre is afraid of Parallax (last panel), not sure what to make of that, or if that even counts as a feat.

Green Lantern Volume 4, Issue 51: (the very next issue after the above scan) Parallax fights and frees Spectre from his Black Lantern form, then rips his face off (which was pretty cool), Spectre confirms he is afraid of Parallax but manages to use Hal Jordan's connection with Carol to rip the Parallax entity out of Hal Jordan

I am missing scans from Justice League where under Parallax's control John Stewart solos the Justice League, apart from that i believe this covers most, if not all, of Parallax (as Hal Jordan, i am knowingly not including feats of Kyle as parallax) outside Zero Hour.

I think he's normally portrayed pretty powerful, despite sometimes having problem easily stomping character whom he should, like say Kyle Rayner. Also, to the best of my knowledge Parallax outside Zero hour hasn't actually been defeated per say, just stopped from his normal course of action, after all he's not really much of a villain just someone who's trying to do good in his own way and is misunderstood (assuming we dont use GL V4, 51 as a defeat).

Hope this helps.

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Paralax is a Pimp.

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So, here's the thing. I'm not going to say Franklin wins here, because I'm not overly familiar with DC prior to the new-52, but the argument for Parallax is lackluster. Franklin could beat the Justice League, even child Franklin can re-ignite a star/sun, and Kyle wouldn't give Franklin any problems. A statement of fear from the Spectre is interesting but ultimately irrelevant as there are numerous instances in real life and more relevantly in comics where characters are afraid of someone or something they ultimately are superior to (I.e., Spider-Man's fear of Vermin) and also in terms of statements used to give a portrayal of power Galactus obviously acknowledges Franklin as his superior, which is as impressive as an admission of fear, at least in my mind.

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Parallax should win here without too much difficulty.

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ZH parallax