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TV Batman vs comic book Batman. Who wins?

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Tough choice... TV Batman had a repellent spray for everything.

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Adam west all the way man.We are talking family guy adam west

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I dont remember T.V. Batman, I do like Family Guy though, so, they both die embraced in an ever so gay hug.

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Catman(Adam West): You want to take this outside?

Crimson Chin: We are outside.

Catman(Adam West): You win round one...

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Yeah, I just thought that this would be funny, for those that remember back to the late 60's. lol good times.

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Post Deleted.

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I'd love to see Adam West fight the Dark Knight in a real battle. West would get his a$$ kicked into next year, creepy rubber nipples and all.

Robin: Holy Halligans, Batman!!


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Adam West wins, he takes out of his utility belt a trusty brand of in genius anti-comicbookcharacter spray
tv show owns, real life actors win

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 West "I warn you Dark Knight...I know a martial arts stance that is so deadly that anyone who looks at it forgets to breath"
 Bruce "ill fight you blindfolded then..."
West 'Well played worthy adversary"