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Adam Warlock (with the Infinity Guantlet):


The Joker (Emperor Joker):


After destroying and recreating the universe to their liking DC. Emperor Joker, bored and wanting to spread more laughter, looking more universes and decides to conquer the Marvel universe, precisely, to Earth-616.

Adam Warlock, after appropriating the IG, is aware of the potential threat that can be Emperor Joker and decides to confront him.


- Emperor Joker can use 99% of the power of Mr. Myxpztlk

- The fight takes place in the Marvel universe, on Earth-616

- Adam Warlock is at full power.

Who would win between these two massive warping of reality?

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Probably a Stalemate...

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Adam Warlock or a stalemate.

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Stalemate or they both lose.

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Wait: isn't Emperor Joker a reality warper? Because I do know that manipulating reality is but ONE of the Infinity Gauntlet's powers, meaning Warlock with the gauntlet can do more. So yeah, either Warlock wins or it's a stalemate. Probably if I had to guess he could use the Time Gem to stop Joker in a number of different ways (either by preventing his birth, transformation into Joker, or just from becoming Emperor Joker). He could also maybe beat EJ in the same contrived way he was beaten in the actual story.

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Full Power Warlock should take this solely because he is at 100%.

The fight is also in the Marvel Universe, therefore i give Warlock this 5.5/10

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@iragexcudder And Emperor Joker can use 99% of the power of Mr. Mxyzptlk. It could go either way.

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with classic gauntlet warlock'

current Joker

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Probably Warlock, but I could see it going either way based solely on power. It is Warlock himself that allows him to win it.