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Achilles from Troy and he has a spear his sword and shield (Note: Achilles is a demi-god, in this cause he has enhanced speeed, agility and sensory awareness, " Of all the warlords love by the Gods")

Connor from Assassin's Creed 3 and he has his detachable hidden blade and Tomahawk, a Flintlock pistol, his Longbow (Note: Connor has Eagle Vision which make him way more aware of his surroundings and he is a trained Assassin of the bloodline)

The Fight takes place in a open field or desert, 10 ft apart fight to the death, who wins? (Fight could be on a one of the two's ships, would make a great sea battle)

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Hmmm...gonna go with Achilles. Open field just seems like his place to be.

Forest would've been a different story

(This is where I may get flamed), Connor doesn't kill as quickly as Achilles does.

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Well Conner has a gun so that makes it a bit unfair. Otherwise Achilles takes this easily. In the movie Troy nobody could even lay a hand on him, the only one who didn't look like a child was Hector and even he was outclassed by Achilles. The dude was fast enough to block/dodge spears and arrows. I'm not sure what you mean by *Achilles is a Demi-God in this* because he wasn't in the movie, he was simply human but looked like he was superhuman simply by how good he was. If you mean a version of whear Achilles was considered or was a Demi-God than i think you mean Mythology Achilles and if thats the case than he STOMPS even harder than the movie version.

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@Sufferthorn: First Connor fights in plenty of open fields in Assassin's Creed 3

@niBBit: Second this is the first and last thing I am going to say to you whether you agree or not, Achilles is a demi-god in Troy, reasons I say so is the evidence is blatantly obvious in the movie the fact that he is fast enough to deflect arrows with his sword while practically soloing dozens of soldiers, or the sensory awareness of throwing his shield to his back to block a arrow without looking, and he hits a moving target dead on at like 40yards away in like 2 to 3 seconds effortlessly.

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Yeah....but he prefers the forest if you hadn't noticed.

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@Sufferthorn:Preference doesnt mean he isnt just as good in open areas, the guy mercs fools in AC3 just as efficiently as Achilles in Troy, and the soldiers in AC3 have guns.

@niBBit: Oh and one more he decapitated a solid gold statue with a Bronze short sword

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Achilles definitely takes people down faster than Connor.

But you're the OP....you're not supposed to be taking sides.

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Achilles should stomp this at least 8 or 9 times out of ten. Only chance Connor has is if he can hit with the pistol before Achilles gets up close. Once it's h2h Connor won't tag him.

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Achilles. Conner is awesome but Achilles is a legend.

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@sufferthorn: actually they are about the same have you seen the assassin's creed 3 trailer he takes down like 100 people with guns connor wins this