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Aragon vs Achilles (Movie version)

Fight takes place in a Colosseum

Both start 50 feet from each other

Only Melee allowed (No throwing spears or arrows)

Side arms allowed

Scenario 1 : Aragon

Scenario 2 : Aragon, Gimli

Scenario 3 : Aragon, Gimli, Legolas (Can only use melee) ( Achilles is allowed to Throw spears)


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1. Achilles... better fighting skills

2. Achilles.... be harder though. hes too fast for gimli and better than Aragorn

3. team wins.. too many bodies to dodge and legolas is fast

idk im not a hug LotR fan

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Achilles whups him.

Could take round 2 as well.

Loses round 3, but probably takes down Gimli and wounds Aragorn.

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Quick question, was Achilles mythos applied to him in Troy? I never found out if he was cursed or not

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@cgoodness: It was never explained if it was, But i do think that he was just human in the Movie.. Only a really skilled fighter

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@cgoodness: No, it was addressed by a child who asks if he can't be harmed, as that is what the rumours say. Achilles says if that were the case he wouldn't be wearing the armour. Though his mother is Thetis so he is a demi-god.

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@cgoodness: I dont think so. Its just that he was pratically never injured in battle, ever. He was just that good that he avoided injury.

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^since Achilles is a normal human im going to say he wins rounds 1 & 2 and loses 3

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Achilles should win scenario 1&2

Team should beat him in scenario 3, Legolas tips the scale

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Aragon wins round 1.