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"Abe is an extremely talented swimmer, with a natural affinity to water. He can breath both above and in water, but can only stay out of water for about a week, And must soak his skin regularly. Abe has great reflexes and boasts an excellent physique, contributing to his fluid movements and ballet-like motions while swimming. He possesses greater strength than normal humans, and is also an expert marksman and excellent hand-to-hand fighter. It has been suggested that Abe is ageless, and has been ever since his transformation." - CV

"Croc has super strength in that he can rip bank vault doors straight off the wall, near super speed and agility like that of an animal, and given to him by a highly animalistic disease. He also maintains a powerful healing factor, he has healed broken limbs and spinal injures from Bane. He also possesses razor sharp claws and teeth. Croc is also is an expert swimmer, his reptilian genes giving more underwater aptitude." -CV

Sub-Mariner vs. Sub-Mariner

Abe and Waylon have been pitted against one another in a land/underwater match. Because of Waylons far superior strength, Abe will be given a weapon to compensate for it. Both characters get basic information one another prior to the match (Physical Stats) and are given two days to prepare for the upcoming battle. Within that time frame, they are allowed to train themselves and develop strategies.

Gear - Abe

  1. Adamantium Harpoon

The match begins at a seaside town, along the docks. Both will start about 100 feet away from one another. They are allowed to flee into the water if they wish, or just keep it on land. If the match leads into the ocean, they'll find themselves in a still operating minefield which stretches on for about a mile.

  • Morals are off for both characters
  • Environment is usable if needed

Abe Sapien vs. Killer Croc

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Oh excuse, forgot to add.

Win by death, knockout or incapacitation.

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nice one!

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Maybe Croc What are Abes feats?

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Wow... a fight Croc can win. While it pains me to do so as this may be Abe's Battles debut, I'll give this one to Waylon, especially if he's post-Hush virus.

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Abe wins. Comparable in strength, but is faster and more agile.