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Aang is in Avatar State. He can use his feats from the animated series and the Dark Horse comic books (including but not limited to The Promise and The Search.) Ice King can use his feats from the first Adventure Time with Finn and Jake shirt, the animated series, and the BOOM! Studios comic books. Simon's crown will not be blown off in this battle and he is not allowed to flash freeze Aang, and Aang is not allowed to do that to Simon either. That is, if either could manage that anyway. Otherwise, they are fighting to the death and in character. The fight is in the Land of Ooo, where Flame Princess and Ice King fought. Who wins?

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Well, Aang would more likely not be armed by the ice king via Water bending.

I think it will end by Aang making his crown fall or wreck is spirit to make him unable to use magic again

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Aang stomps.

Ice king can only control ice. Aang can control all four elements.

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Aang wins with ease

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Aang wins, then the whole world loses.