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Aang, from The Last Airbender series


The Doctor, from the Authority comics

They are fighting on top of a mountain. Win by death or incapacitation. They have no prior knowledge of each other. They are both in character. Aang has has mastered all the elements and can use the Avatar State. Jeroen Thornedike has all the abilities seen in the comics.


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Any takers?

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I don't really see what Aang would do to win. The elements aren't going to hurt Jeroen, Aang isn't going to do any of the nastier bending tricks (and even if he did, they wouldn't kill Jeroen), and he might have some Avatar tricks, but something like energy bending wouldn't necessarily work on Jeroen and is not something Aang could be able to do without a fight anyway. Jeroen turns him into a pair of trousers.