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Imagine that goku never killed grampa gohan and never met bulma, Grampa Gohan taught him all the techniques he knows at the end of the series. This is goku in DRAGON BALL, NOT Z. At max strength. Grampa dies, goku wanders off to new york (yeah I no). Suddenly he gets attacked by Green Goblin, then kills him easily and quickly. None of the surroundings are familiar to goku so he rampages. No one who is city busting level is in town (Yeah I KNOW). Who will stop goku before a full moon night comes.

Goku has power pole and Nimbus

1. Marvel

2. DC

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I might change the rules some...

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um, is this Marvel or DC. If this is Marvel then i'm sure the Avengers and/or Xmen could win pretty easily. If it's only one person though i'll go with Iron Man.

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I'll edit and make 2 rounds, but read OP, not everyone on the Avengers would be there.

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So we're talking a Kid Goku with all the techniques and power he had at the end of the series...

So we're talking Goku from GT...


Well, it was nice knowing you New York, I hear you made great pizza, but it just wasn't enough to save you. We'll miss you Marvel Comics. But perhaps this was natural. You were going downhill. Perhaps a culling was at hand. Perhaps this was merely fate. Or karmic retribution, for subjecting us to AvX. Either way, we salute you for your service, and mourn your loss. I suppose this is one helluva self fulfilling prophecy. We've been showing New York getting decimated for years. It was only a matter of time, really.

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@18hunt: how did he get Nimbus if he never met Master Roshi? :D

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Master Ball.

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He would be around the power level that he was when he fought Raditz, so about 450 more or less.

Round 1- If they are trying to just stop him, Professor X takes this one. He can easily take over Goku. No one could beat him in fighting due to speed.

Round 2- Not sure. Probably a Telepath