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Bloodlusted everyone can die.10 days prep for all. Dante has all of his powers in holy and unholy. Kratos has full upgrades. All equipment for everyone. Round 1:No time stops for anyone or feeding of sin. On Olympus unless Spawn runs out of his energy then takes place in hell. Round 2 Time stops for 1 minute and feeding off sin allowed.

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My Spawn knowledge isn't exactly encyclopedic but didn't he get badly beaten up by a cyborg who was taken down by regular guns? Anyway I'm going to have to give it to Dante and Kratos on a technicality. One of Kratos' weapons from the new game is the Amulet of Oruboros it doesn't slow time but it does mess with thing's lifecycles, it can be used to slow enemies down. I see Kratos using that and sould rip with Claws of Hades, Dante can then use his cross to spam Spawn with holy blows. This is a cool match-up but fully upgraded Kratos (ie with all weapons and skills) is incredibly versatile.

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You left out the good dante