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Brian "Guardian of the Omniverse" Braddock! vs. Arthur "The King of the Sea" Curry!

Captain Britain (pre-resurrection) against Aquaman (New 52) who wins this smackdown? It's a rumble in the Urban Jungle of London, England folks!

Now for the rules:

  • Fight takes place in London, England. (There are still plenty of large channels of water around).
  • Civilians have been cleared out.
  • Morals are on.
  • Personalities are intact.
  • Fight is won by knockout.
  • Both fighters have their respective gear.
  • Fight is random encounter (no prep) and neither has any previous knowledge of the other.
  • No starting positions (as this is a random encounter).
  • Encounter starts around mid-day.

Will Arthur crush the Guardian of the Omniverse? Or will Brian dethrone the King of the Sea?

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No takers eh?