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The setting is on the planet seen in the movie "Predators".

The heroes have the usuall equipment but Blade doesn't have any guns.

Predators have all teir usuall tech.

The heroes know what they are up against.

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Predators take it.

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If the heroes know what they are up against, they win for sure.

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Predators should win.

Catwoman can't handle a predator, neither can Hawkeye.

Really relies on Blade, Gambit and Daredevil.

Don't know how Nightwing would fair

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Blade Gambit Nightwing or Daredevil could possibly take on 3 predators by them selves considering the fact the a human mere human killed one predator with sheer tactics, and dont forget Arnold killing one too with twigs and leaves

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the heros win,the only weak link might be selina

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without any prior knowledge and prep (tech), the predators should win here...daredevil and blade maybe the only ones who has a decent shot, once the preds go invisible and cloak, it would pose a great difficulty for the heros...as good as each heros maybe, none are capable of surviving after a good stab from behind or via shoulder canon laser...

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well daredevil provides a great advantage with his radar sense. he could "see" them even when they are cloaked. he could call out their positions. i see daredevil, blade and gambit taking this in a close battle.

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Catwoman and Nightwing would be the first to go. Not to sure how Hawkeye would do any good. Blade and Gambit should be able to at least kill 1 or 2 Predators. Don't know a lot about Dare Devil to say if he could do any good.

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Nightwing, Hawkeye, and Catwoman only seem to be here to serve as a distraction or as bait. With such, Blade, Gambit, and Daredevil have the best chances of taking these predators down, but for each of them to take out two is a different story.

I give it to the predators.

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I really don't see any way the Predators could win. Catwoman is the weakest link in the group. If you double the number of predators maybe they would have a chance.