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Battle location: Jungle in South America

Predators have their usual weaponry. Odo has no weapons but can shapshift as normal.

The teams begin 1000 feet apart. Death, KO, or incapacitation for more than 90 seconds.

No morals, No BFR.

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Hmmmmm, this is interesting. I dunno how well Thing and Colossus would fair against 50 cloaked predators pounding them with duo plasma canons. As cool as Odo is, I think he's kind of a non-factor here.

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Odo can turn microscopic and possibly mess with the duo that way.

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The Plasma cannons are the only thing that the predators have going for them. Both thing and Colossus have some awesome durability feats. I mean i know that a plasma cannon once destroyed a dropship and all but they could just tear down trees and use them as baseball bats smashing preds as they go.

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Gonna go with Colossus and Thing. I don't think the predators can really harm them.

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One wrist gauntlet bomb

nuff said.

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I there there may be some dead preds but I dont see 50 elder predators loosing this. Odo can turn into prety much any form of matter and energy im sure that could do something. Goop his way into thing and colossus lungs.

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The terrain that you chose highly favors the Predators, based upon the first movie. They are also stealth masters, making it difficult for making more upfront fighters like Colossus and Thing to deal with. Also since neither of them are energy manipulators, or flyers, continued stealth assaults by the Predators advanced weaponry could also wear them down to the point where both could be either trapped or contained. They both really only have superior strength and durability going for them, so this essentially becomes a race for them to take the Predators out before they are captured. No superior senses means that they would probably lose the race due to the Predators cloaking technology. Oddly enough, Wolverine, who is far less powerful, would actually fare better here due to his senses, tracking abilities and healing factor. Since incapacitation for more than 90 seconds counts as a win, I would have to go with the Predators in this scenario.

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How durable are Thing and Colossus?

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@Onemoreposter said:

Gonna go with Colossus and Thing. I don't think the predators can really harm them.

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Predators due to numbers.

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