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- Every Celestial from the host is present here

- Team Asgard have Odin in destroyer armor and Odinsword, Rune King Thor with Mjolnir, Full powered Serpent, Bor, Loki with norn stones, Surtur, Ymir and the rest of Asgardians

- Asgard have 3 years prep, Celestial have none, who wins and why?

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Asgard in a epic battle.

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@Pyrogram said:

Asgard in a epic battle.


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Celestials stomp.

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I still don't see how the Asgardians stop the Celestials. Maybe they could whip something up in prep.

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3 celestials would whip the floor with everyone in asgard

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odin is about on par with a casual galactus, one that was not recently fed. Galactus can take on any of the celestials in a 1v1, but cannot take 2 or 3 at a time, he tried once and paid the price. Odin would give the Celestial a serious run for his money, but would ultimately lose. Depends on the amping, a boosted Thor and Odin would be able to take down that Celestial. IMO

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Can someone tell me why RKT, Odin, Bor and Serpent can't made army of Destroyers for this battle? And use Galactus Seed to boost Asgardians that will use them? For exmaple: Tyr, Balder, Sif, Valkyrie and Warriors Three.  + Destoryer for each high level god - Serpent, Odin and Surtur (since RKT and Ymir shouldn't need it).
Imagine these five people with energy similar to what Odin had in his fight with Celestials. 7 new Destroyers. Celestials get stomped.
Besides prep... RKT should give the difference here. we've had 7 Celestials vs. Odin in Destoryer armor. Now Surtur and Ymir join him. Serpent and Bor are featless so they would barely matter. 
If "rest" of Asgardians means what I think, then they also have:
Gaea, Hela and Mangog. Gaea by herself is a threat. Combined forces of Mangog, Hela, Midgard Serpent, Malekith and Loki should be able to at least hold 1 Celestial. Gaea takes second.  Odin, Surtur and Ymir one by each of them and RKT - 2. 
And that is what can happen without prep.

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Team Asgard use their COLLECTIVE abilities to find and acquire the INFINITY GAUNTLET AND ALL FIVE GEMS. Each of the powers Odin, Ymir, Surtur, Serpent, Thor, and Bor hold a piece of combined powers, (what, trust Loki, are you daft ladee??) Odin with the gauntlet. At the time of the Celestial attack, they each place their given gem into the gauntlet, Odin goes forth and spanks the Celestials. Literally, over his knee spanks them.


Odin meets with Galactus, then asks for a parley with the Celestials. In an act of self sacrifice he triggers the Ultimate Nullifier and nobody worries ever again about the Celestials.