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Battle starts in the savage land, all opponents start opposite ends of the savage land, battle starts as the sun is about to rise within the hour! Who makes it and who doesn't, in what order? Standard equip for all.

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I think Bayonetta should win.

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Bayonetta stomps.

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Bayonetta punched someone into the sun, she's leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else here

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bayonetta is the most powerful, then MC, then it's debatable between blade and solid snake, id give the edge to blade though

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Bayonetta should win easy... she has Super Strength on the level of some of Marvel's best in terms of feats. Plus, her Magic is very impressive.

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Bayonetta is miles stronger then the other three combined.

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What are Bayonetta's stats? Just curious I don't know anything besides the fact she's a game character.

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@lone_wolf_and_cub She's strong enough to toss around entire buildings in some of her battles. She's atleast hypersonic battle speed wise and her magic hair can create Godzilla sized creatures. In short I'd say she's lower high tier with people like Wonder Woman and certainly has no place with these street levelers.

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@Juiceboks Thanx for the info. Guess I'll go with Bayonetta.

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Bayonetta stomps

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Bayonetta wins in a effortless curbstomp.