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DBZ: SS2 Gogeta, SS3 Gotenks, SS2 Gohan. Marvel/DC: Superman, Captain marvel (DC), Martian Manhunter, Thor & Ms Marvel. Takes place in New York. Morals on. No telepathy.

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Who is MMH?

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@joeagentofhand1: I assume Martian Manhunter.

Not sure why he's even here if he can't use Telepathy.

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MMH is Martian Manhunter

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Jeesus why would you even put SSJ4 Gogeta into this....

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Changed it

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Thor absorbs all their energy, souls and whatnot into Mjolnir


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SSJ3 Gotenks solo's.

His casual punches.

Gotenks punches Buu's body down and creates a crater comparable to a meteor strike, and Gotenks is basically just fooling around. And Buu's body is very elastic, meaning most of the force was absorbed by buu .This indicates if Gotenkls had really wanted to he could surely have destroyed the earth.

Another casual punch, rips a city apart.


The power of ssj3 characters is such that they can rupture the universal walls of ROSAT by channeling their ki into a scream. Now note to that the ROSAT is a completely different, sealed universe than the one Earth is in, in the Cell saga Piccolo says that if an individual go's in to many times then the entrance between the two dimensions disappears and the individual is stuck there forever, with no possible way out. So this means beings who are somewhat comparable to Solar System Busting Cell cannot escape the ROSAT, making the feat done by 2 ssj3 characters quite impressive.

Also a martial artist master, training from Vegeta, Gohan, Chi Chi and self taught all together.

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Martian Manhunter. Intangibility + Mind Rape.


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Mjolnir's ability to absorb energy and Binary would be their only hope, but I don't this is as a factor with morals on. For me? SSJ3 Gotenks can solo through awesome energy projection and few good tactics.

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@Jayfournines said:

Thor absorbs all their energy, souls and whatnot into Mjolnir


No. Anyone on team 1 would easily blitz him. Thor has to react and use the Mjolnir on a stationary or slow moving opponent.

In Early Dragonball two of the weakest characters fought an entire fight, (thinking, dodging, striking) in 0.2 of a second, and this is Krillin where talking about. That's at least mach 5 fighting.

Goku going casually at hypersonic speed to outspeed three people a good kilometer away with PL's of 40,000. Even though Burter was massive hypersonic as he could fly across the world, grab a Dragonball come back in less then a second.

Goku so fast he escapes blinding light with super speed alone. FTL?

Be advised these characters are as slow as a dieing turtle compared to SSJ3 Gotenks or anyone on Team 1 for that matter. Gotenks can easily reach much much faster then light as in SSJ form alone he went around the world several times in a second, and Goku + Vegeta power in Majin Buu saga >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. Goku in Frieza saga escaping blinding light

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@XImpossibruX: fine, everyone covers Thor while he does his thing trololololo

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BFR so team comics wins

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Comic team stomps.

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supes solos.

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@Jayfournines: Like you said, If they could cover thor (which can happen) Comic win, even though I think they would win anyway

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You should probably just replace Martian Manhunter with literally any other Superman-level bruiser, if you're not going to let him use his telepathy.

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DBZ wins!

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DBZ team

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Comic Team

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