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All teams have standard equipment, 1 day prep, fought to the death with no morals. Fought on a deserted island. A few of these teams are a little different but thats what i was aiming for.

1. Batman (Bruce) and Batman (Terry)

2. Green Arrow and Ultimate Hawkeye

3. Nightcrawler and Daredevil

4. Nightwing and Gambit

5. Red Hood and Beast

6. Hellboy and Punisher

7. Captain America and Winter Soldier

8. Azrael (Michael Lane) and Cyclops

9. Bane and Ra's al Ghul

10. Taskmaster and Moon Knight

If you could list the teams in order of elimination that would be great, also a little reasoning behind the choices

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Team 6.

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I'll just do the top three. Idk about the order after that:

1. Team 3- Not sure what anyone can do against Nightcrawler

2. Team 8- Cyclops without morals won't be wearing his visor and will be lethal

3. Team 1- Terry's Batsuit gives him a pretty solid edge not to mention Bruce's prep skill

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Between 3, 6 an 8. Leaning towards Hellboy, don't see how anyone here can put him down. Nightcrawler can pick off pretty much anyone here an Cyclops can level most people here with optic blasts.

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Against Nightcrawler couldn't the ones with capes use them to glide if he puts them in the air and to some extent those with increase agility ie. Gambit, Beast take a fall from pretty high up

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Beast with prep could do some serious damage...

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Team 1. Bruce's intellect and prep skill, not to mention his near-meta physical capabilities and his Martial Skill. Terry's Bat suit also gives him a huge edge.

Team 3. Nightcrawler is very hard to kill, and can come from anywhere, completely lethal IMHO. And you can never count Dare Devil out of a fight.

Team 9. Bane and Rhas both have extensive combat and prepping skills, you've put two absolute geniuses up with each other. And Bane's venom and the Lazarus Pit will he a huge factor.

Team 7. Cap is very smart, a good team leader and has excessive prepping skills. He and the Winter Solider would make a good Team.

Those are my Top 4, my order would go, 1,9,3,7.....

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Team 8.

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Either Team 1 or 3.

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Last team standing...Nightcrawler with no morals should take this almost instantly. Prep won't help in this situation, and the only person who can accurately predict his 'ports is on his team. Kurt wins via teledrops and teledismemberment. Unless...

Close second... Cyclops can catch him. The only danger to Kurt IMO. His perfect spacial geometry and intimate knowledge of NC may get them some wins. If Kurt weren't involved, Cyke could literally one-shot all the other teams at once. Azreal doesn't actually add much.

Bronze Medal... If morals were on, Gambit's team would have a fair chance since he can charge anything, can charge much faster now, and can heal a lot of the damage done by the other teams, even an arrow in the chest. Add in that Nightwing is the perfect partner for him and they'd do very well. As it sits, Kurt or Cyke can take them out.

Honorable mention 1 ... Bat team should be next. Terry's suit and Bruce's gadgets will wreak havoc, especially with a day prep and Bruce's familiarity with so many opponents. Just not enough to make up for Gambit's abilities coupled with Dick's knowledge, Cyke's island devastating blasts, or Kurt popping their heads off before they know he's there.

Honorable mention 2... Hellboy's durability puts them in this position. He can tank anything the teams below them have. The Batteam has gas, however, and Gambit and Cyke can hit him hard enough to put him down. HB will probably actually be the biggest challenge for Kurt to finish, but a teldrop from three miles or so should do. He can also go cheap, and 'port him to Limbo for a BFR win.

After this it's really up in the air. I think Bane and Ra's will be in this position thanks to prep and skill. Then Cap and Buck, Tasky and MK, and GA and Hawkeye. Beast and Jason get the dubious distinction of being the first eliminated, since taking away morals takes away Jason's biggest advantage, since he's probably one of the weakest here for pretty much every other category. As for Beast, he may have a slight healing factor, and enhanced senses, and the greatest physical advantages, plus he's the smartest guy on the island, but he also is very weak h2h, has no weapons, and can be taken out individually by almost everyone else on the island, plus he's saddled with the worst partner.

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Beast is a 10 tonner with Spidey level agility and speed. See him lifting a gold tree (made by Dark Phoenix). He should be able to one-shot anyone here except Hellboy and maybe Terry.

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This is too close to call for me.

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@robertloucksjr said:

Beast is a 10 tonner with Spidey level agility and speed. See him lifting a gold tree (made by Dark Phoenix). He should be able to one-shot anyone here except Hellboy and maybe Terry.

That's a hundred ton feat for a two ton character (at the time). Poor writing there. None of it matters since he has a crap partner, and can't even get to most of his opponents to utilize his strength. Not to mention everyone here has battled and defeated stronger characters. Physical strength isn't everything.

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@yodagod: The only guy as faster than Beast in this group is Nightcrawler, and that is because he teleports. None of them can move like him.

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@robertloucksjr said:

@yodagod: The only guy as faster than Beast in this group is Nightcrawler, and that is because he teleports. None of them can move like him.

Doesn't matter since with morals off and Kurt being faster, then Kurt only needs to touch Beast once to dismember him. Beast's hf isn't up for that. Cyclops has hit people much much faster, and that doesn't even matter since without morals he'll go big. He can blast an area too large for everyone at once to dodge, even if they all try. Kurt's the only one who'd survive the opening of this fight because of his teleporting. Without morals this is a 2 shot fight. Cyke blasts everything, Kurt 'ports and pulls his head off. Kurt's the last man standing. The only question is how many times Cyke might correctly anticipate Kurt's 'port and kill him.

Terry with his suit is at least as fast as Beast. Batman and Nightwing have both hit people far faster before, and only need a solid shot with gas, electricity, or a nerve strike. Gambit has enhanced reflexes as well and only needs a touch to charge Beast and kill him, assuming Beast could get close in the first place since Gambit has accuracy on par with Cyke and Bullseye. Cap has already beaten Beast. Bucky isn't exacly a slouch either. As Wolverine says "Bucky don't miss." Hawkeye and Ollie have also hit people faster than Beast. Half of the guys (Gambit, Batman, Terry, Azrael, Moonknight, Taskmaster, Captain America, Nightwing, and probably Ra's) are wearing armor so even if by some miracle Beast can get near them, they can tank enough blows to realize he's there and put him down. And Hellboy can take the best Beast has until he slips up or tires, and then he can put Hank down. Beast and Jason are by far the worst team here.