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This is a Battle Royal

Consisting of

  1. Batman
  2. Daredevil
  3. Spike Spiegal
  4. Captain America
  5. Wolverine
  6. Black Panther
  7. Taskmaster
  8. Arsenal
  9. Guts (before berserk armor)
  10. Cassandra cain
  11. Usopp
  12. Bucky Barnes
  13. Edward Elric
  14. Green Arrow
  15. Hawkeye

All With standard gear

Most Modern Incarnation

No Prep

Fight take place In an Abandon New york 3:am

Archer are all on Rooftop with Best trick arrows

modern incarnations

All angered

who win

and who the first one k.o

Edward can only make melee weaon and Walls and deconstruct

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Black Panther probably.

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I think Ed can take it, but Black Panther will be a huge problem for him. I'm not entirely sure one of his blades constructed from alchemy can pierce T'Challa's vibranium armor. Then again, I think Wolverine could win too. But, he has the same problem that Ed has; he might not be able to stab BP. This is definitely one of the more thought-provoking threads I've seen on this webiste for a while now. Kudos to you.

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Wolvie or Guts

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I think either Wolverine or Black Panther for the win here... the battle itself will be very interesting though. So many potential situations to ponder.

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With Alchemy, I'd say Edward. Without it, I'd say Taskmaster or Wolverine.

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I see this going in Wolverine's favor.

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I think gut could get to BP think about it like this

if guts use his canon at point blank range,no it wouldn't break though the armor but it'd knock BP on his A%& also gutts keep more then 1 on him.

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Ed could deconstruct bp armor

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You made an error

Cassandra is a woman

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An important element in this is how long this fight will take. An elite athlete can't continually fight at full capacity for more then 20 or so straight minutes. Watch a boxing match, those guys are dragging their feet at the end.

Captain America and Wolverine have superhuman endurance, they can fight for hours without getting tired. That is a HUGE advantage in something like this.

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I think there can be more interpretation of this

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@floopay said:

With Alchemy, I'd say Edward. Without it, I'd say Taskmaster or Wolverine.

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It would br close between Bruce, Taskmaster, T'Challa and Wolverine. In no specific order.

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wolverine probably

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last bump

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captain america will stomp

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IMO Guts got this

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@oceanmaster21 said:

@thatguywithheadphones: ok maybe those were the wrong words to use but captain america can win this

Captain America cannot win this. He isn't beating Wolverine, current T'Challa, or Cassandra Cain, among others. And it's debatable whether or not he can beat Batman (I don't think he does for a majority), Taskmaster, and Daredevil (since I do believe DD can get a win over him sometimes, but not for a majority).

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First off, they are battle royale in classic movies and book, it was messed up by people later. Second of all, Ed rips it

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@god_spawn: captain america has beaten wolverine beaten loki with the destroyer armor he fought hulk for awhile i think he can win this after good fight

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Taskmaster takes this, He's done well enough against any of the Marvel guys, and I don't see how any of the others are significantly better

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Taskmaster,T'Challa, Cassandra, Wolverine, and Edward could come out on top in this. I put my money on T'Challa though.

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@oceanmaster21: Your points are either misconstrued or have no bearing. And you thinking Cap dodging around Hulk means much to Wolverine whom has faced him a dozen times and done better than Steve on a more consistent basis? A lot of street levelers have also faced Hulk. Daredevil, Spider-Man etc.

Steve never beat Logan. The only time he KO'd Wolverine was during Enemy of the State with a tired Logan and he snuck up and bashed him in the back of the neck with his shield. And it should be common knowledge that the more tired Logan is, the less effective his healing becomes thus making him easier to KO. And that wasn't even a fight. Logan with a minimal healing factor beat Steve in Origins and Steve was fresh. He beat him via pressure point strike in causing a pseudo aneurysm after Steve crushed the tendons in his hands. And Steve got his abdomen sliced open, his shield disarmed, and kicked away in one move from Logan. Then Giant Man came him, cheap shotted Logan, hit by Steve, and punted out the jet. So no, he hasn't beaten Logan and every time they have fought, Logan was hindered in some fashion or Steve needed back-up. Or maybe I could talk about how he hasn't truly beaten Daredevil either? Their fights have always had some kind of condition to it and in their latest fight, they briefly tussled , stopped, and DD left with neither one gaining an edge. Or should I also talk about Taskmaster? Like when Taskmaster was handling both him and Bucky at the same time? Or should I also talk about the skill advantage shown from Batman along with various gadgets that seal the deal? Or the move reading, own combat speed feats, and clear skill edge from Cassandra Cain over Steve?

Or maybe when Hawkeye beat him when Steve was using his Agent Rogers gimmick? Granted he didn't have his shield, he still lost to Hawkeye. Or how about Current T'Challa, whom used to be suggested as Steve's equal, has gained an even greater knowledge when becoming King of the Dead T'Challa, thus making him even stronger and more skilled than before coupled with his new tech in energy shields, cloaking, and teleportation? So these new additions on top of his already impressive abilities before hand put him over Rogers?

So excuse me if I am not seeing how Cap win this considering some of these people have already bested him or stalemated him and plenty of these people can beat when considering their general feats. And while I do think Steve can take say Daredevil for a very slight majority or Hawkeye for a solid majority, that doesn't mean they don't have means to beat him considering maybe Hawkeye gets that open shot he needs or Daredevil gets that billy club combo with a nerve strike in the right spot take him out amidst the battle.

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Wolverine. Healing factor is tough to beat for street levelers and he has the take down in one swipe claws as well. Black Panther has the next best shot.