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There are 12 angry farmers with adrenaline pumping who are ready to kill batman and these farmerer are each a master of 12 martial arts. There will be no gear for batman in this fight same for the farmers. The battle takes place on the farm they start of 20ft away from each other. Batmans morlas are off by the way and is willing to kill by any means. Will Batman be able to win or the Farmers? Battle ends to the death.

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@SpiderKing: What 12 MAs?

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any 12

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Batman kills 9 of them but the last ones sucker punch him.

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@SpiderKing: Where did you find martial arts master farmers lol..

Putting one martial artist against twelve masters isn't a good idea, though..

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Batman. Stealth will enable him to take on one by one and slowly, just beat them down. Remember that Batman is quite durable.

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Bloodlusted Batman will use the Leopard Blow and things like that to oneshot, and he can use the environment to his advantage far better than the farmers. I think Batman take this, due to far superior skill and stats, as well as bloodlust.