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I am totally sure that it is going to be released in 2013 and the bad guy will be Riddler.

What are your opinions?

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I think it could be good except you know I'm not to fond of the riddler

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no. it was stupid and pointless.

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I didn't mind it, was alright. Not the biggest fan of the Riddler, find him annoying.

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Could be cool, but after reading the first volume I'm not terribly interested. I don't care much for the way Johns writes Batman.

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I will get it for sure. Earth One didnt blow me away or anything but I definatley enjoyed it. The only thing is I have serious doubts the sequel will come out this year. Mid 2014 at the earliest is my guess.

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I actually found the first one really good.

It was the most realistic Batman arc I have ever read.It was fun to see a young and more unexpierienced Batman taking action.

I mean we all see him being badass and untouchable,but that was a different touch on the character.

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The first one was good. Different yet somehow similar. I'm definitely gonna buy it if Riddler is in the book.

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Yeah i enjoyed it a lot :-)

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Earth-1 Batman 2 = definite buy.

Same would go for Superman.

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Take the worst from Nolan, take the worst from Burton, the worst of Shumacher, give it a gritty dark senseless reboot to everybody.

It was pretty good in concept, but it failed really damn hard, Nolan let Alfred be Alfred, the Alfred of this comic was lame Sean Connery rip off, Batman was senseless, Batman had no reason to be Batman, no personallity, no skills and lets be honest, it was a bad comic book.

I like the reallistic Batman from Nolan, but this reallistic Batman i hate him, all the changes are there so its more "mature" and dark, i mean the guy almost gets killed by one of Batman worst villains and Alfred Connery has to save him.

Lucius Fox helps him because, well he pretty much force him, he belives he is insane and that how he justify his action, sorry but insane Batman is boring.

At least The Goddamn Batman is funny.

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