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Batman Has Some Of The Coolest Enemies In Comics, But Which One Is Your Favorite.

My Personal Favorite Is Bane
Reason Why; He Is One Of The Few Batman Villains To Challenge Batman Mentally As well As Physically, An He Did Break The Bat.

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it was Mr Freeze until they F*** him up in the new 52 so i think i will go with Two-Face his just a really intesting character and his villians month book was my favorite so iam exicated to read the Batman and Two-Face book

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Well I like them all but my personal favourites is Joker (well everybody will say it) but I enjoy his stories as he tricks both Batman and the audience whenever he's on screens or on pages of comics, he's an constant question not an answer. And that's what makes him a favourite of mine. The other would be Scarecrow, he's defiantly one of Batman's horror villains and he's one of the few who takes Batman's idea of fear to a new height. He's similar to Batman due to that but is so far away because he's passive but effective methods to bring down bigger foes with only his fear.

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Two-Face, probably because The Long Halloween and Dark Victory are two of my personal favorite Batman stories and they mainly focus around his origin.

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BTAS Mr. Freeze- This version combines tragedy with out and out villainy, still managing to be sympathetic at various times. For me, no version of the character save this one matters, and the New 52 version's a pale imitation at best.

TNBA Scarecrow- "Fear, is power." Years later and I still remember that line, being said in that quiet and ghostly voice. It worked so well because I actually was afraid of the character when I watched him on the show. The look, the voice, the way he moved, everything about him fit for a character based around instilling fear.

COTE Owlman- Do I even need to explain why? The dude's a badass, taking on the like's of Batman and Wonder Woman with calm and ease. His entire nihilistic philosophy is so disturbing, yet at the same time well presented. Excellent voice acting, like with Scarecrow.

Ra's Al Ghul- The Demon's Head. Running an organization that spans the globe and the centuries, this guy's always struck me as being so impressive, because he is just as big a believer in his goal and mission as Bruce is in his. He'll go to any lengths to achieve his goals, and will come back time and again to plague Batman. Shame his daughter couldn't be half as good a villain.

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Mr. Freeze: He is my favorite villain and his reasons for being one are fantastic,the whole stealing money to find a cure for Nora,Love it. NEW 52 IS LAME

Deathstroke: He is a very deep villain,he has the same abilities that Batman have but he is evil and is enhanced by a super-serum.

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Two-Face from the comics

Mr. Freeze from the animated series

Joker from the films

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I like the idea of The Riddler to be my favorite villain, but it's hard to find a good storyline that is iconic for the character. I think Zero Year may end up being that storyline. The Joker is probably the best villain just looking at how many amazing storylines he has been apart of, and there are so many variations on his evil.

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joker, bane the riddler, hush

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Joker followed by Bane

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Joker, Ra's, Two Face, Riddler, Freeze etc.

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#1.) The Joker

#2.) Black Mask
#3.) Ra's al Ghul

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im going to say Joker, Ra's, Hush, Scarecrow, Two Face. ill even add Deathstroke

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Joker riddler Deathstroke Black mask and then poison ivy

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When he's done right - Riddler (He's the only one of Batman's rogues who can truly match Bruce's keen intellect. That and he's just plain fun.)

A close second would be Bane, when done right. (i.e. Bane from Knightfall.)

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Croc and Ivy. And Harley.

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Scarecrow, Harley, Riddler, Joker, and Killer Moth

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#1.) The Joker

#2.) Black Mask
#3.) Ra's al Ghul

Probably these three for me as well actually. Ha.

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Joker, Harley, Scarecrow, and Riddler. In no particular order.

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Definately Riddler 1st then joker, ras al ghul, scarecrow, killer croc

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Awesome to see Bane start this off!

Bane is my all time favorite Villain. The Vengeance of Bane story was so awe inspiring, to see his character face tremendous odds from birth. Whenever I faced hardships I thought of that story. Then you got Knightfall where he physically and mentally crushed Batman. I loved in the preceding comics to Knightfall where Bane just looked at Jean Paul as Batman and tossed him aside like nothing, calling him an imposter, and then busted Killer Croc up. Heck it was awesome when he tossed him aside the second time!

I also loved how he got off his drug addiction in the Knightfall Aftermath, and went off to find purpose. It was awesome seeing him team up with Ra's in Batman Legacy. The relationship with Talia just spruced up the rivalry!

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idk, He is just my style.

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Hush. He's just such a arrogant sociopath.

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Joker, Bane and Black Mask

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My votes Hush as well. Basically a composite Bruce even to the point of looking exactly like him after a surgery that he perform on himself.

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The Joker. He is Batman's greatest enemy, he is the Ying to Batman's Yang. Batman is all serious, dark, and depressing whereas the Joker is the opposite. He is Happy, Gleaming, and Joyful. I personally believe that if their was no Batman, there would be no Joker and Vise Versa. They complete each other.

One that people may not say is Batman's Past. The darkness that haunts him is one of his worst enemy, and quite possibly his worst nightmare.

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Should I say more?

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HQ, nuff said.

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Solomon Grundy, cus he's a Batman villain right? Well ye he's my favorite, though in most Batman comics he's kinda lame....he's way more awesome in those comics when he beats up Superman an' even the entire Justice League on his own.

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@ilikedonuts: Originally a Green Lantern villain but has evolved more into a bat-villain

Joker is my all time favorite though I do believed he is WAAAAY overused to the point he's almost wearing out his welcome. Then Bane, Two-Face, and Scarecrow. I really don't like Hush, he's just an example of how overrated Jeph Loeb is as a writer.

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(1) Joker, naturally

(2) Riddler

(3) Bane

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Doctor Hurt.

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Joker, Deathstroke, Bane, and Two Face.

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Favorite is easy: Joker. Trying to to pick a second favorite is difficult.

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  1. Joker.
  2. Ra's al Ghul.
  3. Dr. Hurt.
  4. Riddler.
  5. Hush.
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@rustyroy said:

Chillin' out, maxin' relaxin' Al Ghul.

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(1) The Scarecrow

(2) Clayface / Ra's / Harley