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Poll: Who is the best Batman? (31 votes)

Lewis G Wilson 3%
Robert Lowrey 3%
Adam West 13%
Michael Keaton 19%
Val Kilmer 10%
George Clooney 3%
Christian Bale 81%
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Adam west is number 1 then bale

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I prefer animated Batman. Kevin Conroy.

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Kevin Conroy. but Keaton is pretty cool too

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From the list, Christian Bale.

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Kevin Conroy. The others all suck bad but as far as just BEING Batman, not counting the quality of the film itself, Val Kilmer had the least amount of glaring errors.

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Bale from that poll.

But best outside of comics is Kevin Conroy

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@rustyroy said:

From the list, Christian Bale.

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Bruce Wayne

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Kevin Conroy. I hate Bale as Batman, great actor but he does neither Batman nor Bruce Wayne any justice. Totally the wrong guy for the role, even if the movies all in all are fantastic.

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@breadspread: haha yeah I would pick Kevin Conroy too but this is about the live action movies Batman.