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Poll: Who do you want to see in Arkham Origins? (49 votes)

Scarecrow 24%
Ra's al Ghul 18%
Talia al Ghul 14%
KGBeast 16%
Lady Shiva 24%
Cheshire 14%
The Riddler 18%
Two Face 14%
Dick Grayson or any other Robin 47%
Barbara Gordon 22%
David Cain/Cassandra Cain 27%
Other 16%

Just some unannounced characters I would like to see, what about you? Feel free to explain why below.

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I've always loved scarecrow

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Cassandra Cain all the way

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Pre two-face Harvey Dent

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Yeah I actually think it would be cool to see Harvey dent in his run for DA or something. Or to have bruce at a hearing and see him become two face

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With the options given (didn't want to pick other, lol), I'd go with Talia. I never get tired of seeing her in that suit on my screen.

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I want to see more scarecrow

#8 Posted by ULTRAstarkiller (6179 posts) - - Show Bio

Dick Grayson Robin needs to be in this game

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The scarecrow parts in arkham asylum were awesome, and I wouldn't mind seeing the cains and al ghuls

#10 Posted by TheGreyOutcastX (2051 posts) - - Show Bio

Dick Grayson. I said that day one when I heard the announcement and remain firm in that belief.

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Why do people keep posting polls where they know I am gonna answer Harley Quinn BUT NOT PUTTING HARLEY QUINN AS AN OPTION?! THE ANSWER IS HARLEY QUINN.

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Al Ghuls and Shiva.

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4 votes, in no particular order: KGBeast, Lady Shiva, Cheshire, and Babs(as batgirl). I didn't vote Robin, but if he is in the game, it better be Dick.

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Lady Shiva would be great, the game needs a female villian

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I really don't wanna see Riddler, even if it is his nature he was a JERK

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@thegreyoutcastx said:

Dick Grayson. I said that day one when I heard the announcement and remain firm in that belief.

Me too, to bad they said it takes place before Robin existed. I bet that if they make a sequel to Origins(which they probably will) the put the beginning of Robin as like a side mission that actually has an effect on the main story. Like after you get him he talks to you like Alfred and Oracle do.

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No Killer Croc? WHAT.THE.F*CK!

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Why you no add Killer Moth option?

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Lady Shiva and Scarecrow

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I'm disappointed that Robin most likely isn't going to be in this game. I was hoping for some free-roaming with him. The Dick Grayson version, of course.

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Ra's al Ghul, I also wanted to see Harvey Dent turn into Two-Face, but that's not likely since it's all gonna be in one night. Hard to establish yourself as a crime boss if you were the D.A. a couple of hours ago.

@sushigut said:

I really don't wanna see Riddler, even if it is his nature he was a JERK

Haha, yeah he was an asshole. I still haven't found him yet, but just because he's such an ass I'mma get all the collectibles. I liked that though, actually rewarding to find collectibles is just good & it was an easy way of making it desirable.

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I wish dick as a young robin would be in it