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Poll: Which Robin do you like the best? (97 votes)

Dick Grayson 37%
Jason Todd 3%
Tim Drake 34%
Stephanie Brown 5%
Damian Wayne 19%
Other(Fill In Blank) 1%

I think Dick Grayson

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Been done I think but Dick was the best Robin while Jason is the best solo hero of the nest. Besides Batman.

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- Jason is my favorite character in the DCU as well as my favorite Robin.

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Whenever anyone asks "What is Robin's real name?" the first name I always think of is Dick Grayson.

#4 Posted by tomchu (522 posts) - - Show Bio

Dick Grayson is the classic Robin, but if anyone tries putting him back in his Robin mantle is crazy, he's wayyyy past his expiration date, and has built himself up so much as his own hero.

JTodd is the unlucky Robin. Live Fast, Die Young, and get revived as a guy in a Red Hood who is always brooding. I think he was the worst, IMO.

Tim Drake is probably best defined as the Modern Day Robin, since he's been there for an ungodly amount of time after JTodd got the crowbar. He's also the study of 'Why Batman needs a Robin', which I find it to be a great concept.

Ive never really read Stephanie Brown, so no comments there.

Damian Wayne is my personal favourite of a Robin, which I guess represents what the three previous Robins excelled at, Acrobatics, Aggressiveness, and Detective skills. Too bad for Batman Inc #8 :(

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Dick Grayson.

Then Damian.

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Dick was the best, but I see him as Nightwing. So, I voted Tim Drake as the best Robin.

So, I'd say :






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Pre-52 I'd have said Tim. Post-Flashpoint it's been the Damian show.

  1. Damian
  2. Tim
  3. Dick
  4. Jason
  5. Steph (better as Batgirl)
  6. Carrie (lol DK2)
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I think its been done before. Still here are my favorites :

  1. Damian.
  2. Tim.
  3. Dick.
  4. Jason.
  5. Carrie.
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Carrie Kelly

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I like Dick as Nightwing, so I'll just vote for him.

#11 Posted by consolemaster001 (5279 posts) - - Show Bio

1. Tim (TAS FTW)

2. Damian

3. Dick

4. Jason

#12 Posted by ultimategirlshileha1236 (110 posts) - - Show Bio

Dick, Damian, Tim, Jason and never really Steph as robin loved her has Batgirl though

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Dick and Damian were my favorites.Tim was cool as Robin though.

I enjoy Jason as Red Hood more than Robin II.

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I like Damian best as Robin. But if we're talking best character (outside of being Robin included) I'd probably go with Steph.

#15 Posted by Jayc1324 (11631 posts) - - Show Bio

Jason was voted to be killed off when he was robin. He may be a cool and popular character now as red hood, but as robin he certainly was not the best. Nightwings robin days are years in the past, but he was very effective as robin. Drake is my favorite, but Damian was also a really good Robin as well. Haven't read any of Steph's stuff. I'd say Tim, Dick, Damian, Jason, Carrie Kelly, Steph

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Jason todd. Not as robin, i just like him better in general.

#17 Posted by chipsnopotatoes (328 posts) - - Show Bio

Dick then Tm

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Everybody knows Tim is the best "Robin." Only because Dick is better as Nightwing.

#19 Posted by Breadspread (774 posts) - - Show Bio

What, no Burt Ward?

#20 Posted by plaZeHD (21 posts) - - Show Bio

Arkham City's Tim Drake. Simply because he looks super cool

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Dick Grayson for me, hands down. He's the original Robin, can't argue with that.

#22 Posted by batmannflash (6215 posts) - - Show Bio

based solely on their time as Robin:

1. Tim Drake

2. Dick Grayson

3. Damian Wayne

4. Jason Todd

5. Stephanie Brown

based their whole career

1. Dick Grayson as Nightwing

2. Jason Todd as Red Hood

3. Tim Drake as Red Robin

4. Damian Wayne

5. Stephanie Brown as Batgirl

Nothing against Stephanie, I do like her.

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I prefer most of the robins as their other characters. I prefer Dick as Nightwing, Tim as Red Robin, and Jason as Red Hood. So that leaves my favorite robin to be Damian. He'd probably be my favorite Robin even if I only counted them all as Robins.

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My favourites in order:

1. Stephanie Brown

2. Dick Grayson

3. Tim Drake

4. Carrie Kelly

5. Damian Wayne

6. Jason Todd

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As Robin, Tim Drake, in general, Jason Todd.

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Dick > Damian > Tim >>> Jason > Stephanie > All other wannabes.

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Dick is overrated if u ask me

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Dick and Damian FTW

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Trish Plover

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I didn't choose A robin, I chose THE Robin. dick Grayson

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I prefer Dick as Nightwing and didn't particularly like him during his time as Robin so I picked Tim Drake.

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Damian is my favourite.

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Tim is my favorite robin. his arc in identity crisis and the effect it had on him really sealed the deal for me. besides that, i really think it's cool that his deductive skills are or par with the batman. and i enjoy the brotherly bond between him and Dick.

now as heroes in their own right...I'll definitely give it to Grayson.

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Arkham citys.

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Arkham city's was Tim drake who IMO did the best job as robin. Also every other robin was in a way forced into the job, Drake tracked batman down after figuring out his identity and DEMANDED to be robin. Like a boss

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Dick Grayson

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that came out wrong...