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 what's the best music to read Batman to?
maybe something dark, moody, but powerful and precise....
I'm thinking
Echo and the Bunnymen, 
Radiohead's Kid A,
 certain opera music
anything else?

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@the_nightwalker: Depends what Batman story you're reading really. It's not always broody.
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Certain tracks from the soundtrack to Blade Runner work, mostly anything that can labeled as Post-Rock works for reading comics to, ambient stuff as well, experiemtn and find what works for each comic.

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@LightBright: hush and rip

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Gospel music.

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The soundtrack to Batman the Animated Series, Metallica's Fade To Black, Welcome Home (Sanitarium) or Some Kind of Monster.

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@Sexy Merc said:
" Gospel music. "
Seriously, you'd be surprised.
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I don't listen to music while I read, but find myself playing the Batman theme music in my head when something dramatic happens.

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80s metal its the best music for any situation lol

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Pretty much most classic rock music works there, but with dick, he's a different kind of batman so I listen to newer rock. Personally i'm usually listening to breaking benjamin's specifically dear agony, It works :  )

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Whatever my tastes are, easy as that.  I, I am an old-school 80s-90s R&B kinda guy.
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Adagio in D minor, Written by John Murphy. Here is the extended version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab3NscEJ80s

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Nsync. It is the best thing to listen to while working out to as well. Because it pisses you off and motivates you to work harder so you will become strong enough to kill all of the members of the band.

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I'd have to say this: