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I want Dick Grayson's Robin and Batgirl since it's a prequel.

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Deathstroke (unlocked after completing a few sidequests) since he's confirmed to appear. Thought it's a nothing but a mere dream, I believe it would be awesome that unlocking him would be a a super-hard series of side-quests (perhaps where you have the actual objective that unlocks say Greyson and the super-tough bonus objective). If you succeed, Bruce Wayne pays him to do something required by the plot to beat the badguy (where if you have Deathstroke do it the sidequest is a lot harder, but you get a significantly more epic fight and series of cut scenes etc).

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Robin dick Grayson would be awesome.

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Throw some D in that b*tch! By "D", I mean Dick as Robin but with pants.

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Cassandra Cain.

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CATWOMAN!!!! She was so good in Arkham City

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Am I the only one who, when they hear Arkham Origins, has a wild hope that this one will star Jonah Hex and Amadeus Arkham?

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Maybe Nightwing or Batgirl. But since this story takes place during the beginning of Batman's superhero career I highly doubt they'll be playable since their probably either kids or babies at this point in time.

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Dick grayson, batwoman

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@regal_rumble_man: Absolutely. The Creeper deserves to be in it, he's the one guy that out crazied Joker.

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dick grayson and deathstroke

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The Dick Grayson Robin of course.

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The Dick Grayson Robin of course.

- If Richard isn't in the game via free roam, i'm not buying it.

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@thejman251: I'm thinking that if they DO have other playable characters, Dick Grayson is the best choice...the developers have stated that it's only a few years before AA, so that means Dick would have been Robin at the time, as he was Nightwing in AC.

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@thejman251: I'm thinking that if they DO have other playable characters, Dick Grayson is the best choice...the developers have stated that it's only a few years before AA, so that means Dick would have been Robin at the time, as he was Nightwing in AC.

- I hope to god that you are correct. I honestly don't want to wait another 1-2 years simply to play as Richard in a Batman Arkham game (in free roam).

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I would hope that all playable characters return and that the list is built up from there but I guess that's a bit too optimistic.

How old were Tim and Dick in AC anyway? I mean if it's only a couple of years earlier, Dick should definitely be around and possibly Tim. We should get to play as Deathstroke, at least on challenge maps(If they're in this game) like Joker in AA. I also would like Batgirl since it would be before she became Oracle. Honestly though I'll be happy so long as we get to free roam as someone else other than Batman.

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I really hope they could bring Barbara Gordon as Batgirl and Lady Shiva.

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I want Jason but it's a prequel so I want Dick as Robin, and Barbara as Batgirl

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Whoever they are, I just want them to be playable in the open world. I was so disappointed when I couldn't go rooftop-running with Nightwing or Robin in Arkham City.

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Ravager4 wants Ravager.

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Really depends on how early on this is in this continuity. I could probably do without Tim if they add in Todd or Dick as Robin; in any case, I'm sure there's going to be some variation of Robin in the game. We're not sure on the flow of this continuity just yet, so we can't say whether Todd has returned yet or how long Dick has been Nightwing, so I'm a bit wary of how they'll approach this. Other than that, I would like them to scrap Catwoman; while her playstyle was drastically different than that of the other playable characters in AC, it just seemed out of place and frustrating at times. Gordon or Cain as Batgirl, and I'd definitely see and love to have Batwoman on the table (especially since this installment takes place in Gotham's entirety).

I feel as though all these characters would be in the same vein of gameplay, though, so I'm also going to through down for Creeper. Also, Huntress would be an interesting addition if they don't make her too much like the direct Batfamily characters.

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Azrael, dick Grayson robin

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Seeing as this will feature of volley of awesome villains, I think unlockable bonus missions as bad guys would seriously rock and give the game a nice amount of variety. Deathstroke could have an emphasis on melee weapons, Deadshot for range, Shiva for excellent melee, etc.

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dont know why people want to play other characters in a batman game, personally i hated playing as catwoman in Arkham City, dont get me wrong it added a great deal to the story, but i bought the game for batman and batman alone.

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Dick as Robin. Batgirl would be cool to.

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Actually, since we already have Babs in the Arkham 'verse as Oracle in the later games, having her as Batgirl in Origins might make sense timeline-wise. But would her fighting style be different enough to make her exciting? I don't know... Catwoman felt so unique and it's hard to think of any Bat family characters who could match that criteria. Deathstroke, however, might actually be fun, though I'm not sure how he'd work in a game which will likely have only non-lethal animations.

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I was thinking Huntress but I think Batgirl would be a better move just because she's part of the bat family

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I'm hoping for characters like Stephanie Brown but that game's continuity wouldn't allow that.

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Cassandra Cain, continuity be damned.

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Deathstroke and Jason Todd.

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I would want various robins and baraba Gordon batgirl

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Riddler. It would be fun to set up riddles and traps for Batman.

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Wouldn't it be cool to use all of Jokers tricks n' stuff on batman and co.

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I'd be happy with any Robin and maybe even Batgirl. I also hope that maybe Deathstroke could be a playable character in free roam. Maybe he gets crossed by Black Mask and so he has his own side quests to track down Black Mask and his goons.

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I'd want Azrael to be playable. He's super-badass. :)

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I'd rather play as Batman in more costumes than other characters.

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I'd want Azrael to be playable. He's super-badass. :)

yup it would be... but i don't think that's gonna happen seeing that him and Batman met for the first time during Arkham City

besides him i would want Lady Shiva, Black Canary and Deathstroke( i think he is playable)

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@cloudzackvincent: Deathstroke will be playable, as a pre-order bonus. But, I bet he'll be coming in DLC or something. :] Azrael could have been watching Batman for ages. Making sure he gets on the right path to be the hero he is today or something. :) I'm keeping my fingers cross though. :D

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@williamjbatson: i m sure he will be available as dlc.. as for Azrael, do u mean like... he might be in the game.. but him and Bstman will not meet?

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@cloudzackvincent: Exactly. Just like in Arkham City, Batman started noticing him around after seeing him a few times, only because Azrael wanted to Batman to see him. He could be just as a mysterious watcher throughout the game, without Batman even seeing him. :) Sort of like how Martian Manhunter supposedly looked over Superman to put him on the right path. :] Just like Azrael's message said in Arkham City 'I bring a message: dark days are coming, Batman. The Prophecy is coming true, you are the warrior who will close the gates of Hell, you are the one who will save this day, and in doing so, events will occur that you cannot stop, from the ashes of Arkham the fires will rage and Gotham will burn, and you, you will burn too'. So, maybe during Arkham Origins it'll be Azrael checking to see if Batman is the so called 'Warrior' :)

And if you look at what Azrael says on this, it's possible he could have been watching him during Origins. :] http://images.wikia.com/batman/images/3/35/Tumblr_lw6ds9zxlV1qk2rpq.jpg

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Just gimme Batman! <3 and im happy hehe

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Harley, Joker, Creeper, Slade.