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Warning: Small spoilers for Batman Annual #1, Batman Zero Year, and Detective Comics #23.1/Poison Ivy #1!

Since the New 52 started, it seems that DC has been making an effort to connect Batman villains to Bruce Wayne. So far, we've seen that both Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy worked for Bruce before taking on their villainous personas. And the Riddler (from what I hear) also had some connections to Wayne Enterprises in Zero Year before Bruce took over.

So my question is whether or not this was necessary. Do we need to see villains more connected to Bruce? It honestly doesn't make too great a difference to me. But I'd be lying if I said that there wasn't something about the changes that doesn't sit right with me. Perhaps its because seeing the villains have a vendetta against Bruce isn't something that I'm interested in. Or perhaps I just feel that it was an unnecessary change.

But I would like to see others' opinions. Perhaps I'm the minority here and other people really like the effort to connect Batman's villains to his Bruce Wayne persona.

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I liked Freeze better when he was a man trying to save his wife, not some weirdo obsessing over a frozen woman. And Ivy's traumatized childhood origin is too cliched. Also, connecting them to Wayne doesn't help. Only a select few villains should be directly a result of Batman.

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Ya idk what Scott was thinking when he took away Nora and Freezes love

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Deos we seriously need this?

It loosk they are pushing too much Bruce Wayne is Batman, Batman make his enemies and he is connected to them.

Cool concpets, but you can have too much of good things, that making them bad things.

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Feels like an unnecessary change to make more of his enemies connected to him before he becomes Batman, and it's really not that well done.

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Why does Bruce Wayne need to be connected to all of his enemies. It honestly just makes their origins seem more cliche.