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  1. Dark Knight Returns
  2. Long Halloween
  3. Death of the Family
  4. Killing Joke
  5. Knightfall


  1. Dark Knight Strikes Again
  2. Hush Returns
  3. Fortunate Son
  4. All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder
  5. Knightfall Part II

What are your most hated and most loved

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Can you just please just use the search function or look down the page? This is like the 4th or 5th version of this same thread in the last month.

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I never read a batman book I didn't like

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Long Halloween is my personal favorite and Knightfall of course

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@durakken: i decided to make my own version.

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Hush is top 5 best for me

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I'm suprised to see Batman: Hush on your Wrost list, I personally enjoyed the story arc, It's on of my favorite Batman comics.

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1. Court of Owls

2. Year One

3. Dark Knight Returns


1. Long Halloween

2. Long Halloween

3. Long Halloween

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Im just gonna say what I agree from yours and what I disagree


  1. Dark Knight Returns - not my number 1 but its solid enough. still has rampant sexism in it
  2. Long Halloween - not a fan of the art but the story is AMAZING
  3. Death of the Family - you mean the snyder one that he just made? I thought it was really funny, and I personally wanted no deaths and would have been furious if someone did die. Though I think more damage on the relationship front would have been nice, it didn't help though that Damian died a month later, over all solid addition to the Bat mythos.
  4. Killing Joke - YES! one of the best stories out there! I guess only criticism people have is how they depicted Barbara's downfall, but overall AMAZING.
  5. Knightfall - The way Bane methodolically defeated the Bat was ingenious


  1. Dark Knight Strikes Again - Agreed, nuff said.
  2. Hush - art was awesome, but totally over rated
  3. Fortunate Son - the one where Batman said rock was the spawn of evil? yeah i think i fell asleep while reading that one, only thing keeping me going was Batman was in it
  4. All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder - is it bad that Frank Miller is down in the worst twice? Well he did go into the deep end in my opinion.
  5. Knightfall Part II - if you mean the azrael taking over as Batman, Batman regaining back abilities, or Batman beating Azrael...ya it was WAY too longwinded. Idk if I would put it in the worst...

So I think I agree with you for the most part, the main difference is I would put Death IN the Family in the worst graphic novels out there. (let's be honest, it was the gimmickiest of gimicky books out there, I mean the Joker was the ambassidor of SAUDI ARABIA?!?!?!)

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Why does everyone hate the Dark Knight Strikes Again?

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@breadspread: simple. ugly and terrible artwork. unnecessary splash pages. the crappy Photoshop affects. and the dumb pointless news parts. i know dark knight returns had alot of news in it but in that book it works. it doesn't here. it of course had Frank Miller going all "Every woman in my books are hookers" so we need scenes like 'News in the Nude'

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The first time I read through All-Star Batman and Robin, I hated it. The art was amazing, but the story and the characters were way off.
It really bugged me that none of the characters were really themselves... It bugged me so much I thought about it for a long time and read it a few more times. Then it hit me.

The whole book is through the eyes of Dick. I'm not talking just about the parts in his first person narrative. The whole book is read through his eyes (even when he isn't necessarily present). Keep in mind that this is through the eyes of a young boy that is coping with the death of his parents. If you look at how Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and Green Lantern are portrayed they all have one aspect of their actual personality (what we are used to) and it is GREATLY exaggerated. This is how Dick Grayson was interpreting interactions with all these people. And yes I understand that neither Batman or Dick were present for the little meeting between WW, GL and Supes but this scene (and all scenes in the book) is presented through that same lens.

In this version Batman isn't the loon that we see him as... it is just how Dick originally saw him while in this state of shock. He came across to him originally as a crazy guy in a bat suit.
Did Batman really leave the kid in the cave to eat rats? No, that is an exaggeration of the loneliness and darkness he felt in the cave while coping with his parents death.
Then it all comes together in the last page of the book. Dick sees Batman/Bruce for who he really is... a caring man with a specific mission in life that is taking in a young boy whose life was crushed by tragedy.

I'm not saying this is what Frank Miller had in mind when writing the book, and I'm not saying this point of view is void of of holes.... BUT if you go back and read the book with this in mind I think you will see the book in a different light.
Reading through it with this in mind really made me like this book.

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@capedcrusader234: Yeah... I agree that the art is trashy looking. I kinda dig it... It's definitely sloppy in parts, but I like the looseness of it, it goes with the absolutely absurd story.

You're right about the woman, although most are fake media personalities and I think overtly sexualizing them is the point.

I like how it pulls the other DC characters in, and how it uses them. I think it's a ton of fun.

I do understand all your points though, I can see how Dark Knight Strikes Again can be polarizing.

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I think people hate on Dark Knight Strikes Again so hard because how could it possibly live up much less exceed it's predecessor, one of the greatest Batman stories ever written! DKSA isn't awful, it's just very strange. Many cool elements were there, but it did feel kinda disjointed. (especially the ending, which lacked the emotional punch it deserved.)

As for best, DKR, Long Halloween, and Year One are obvious choices but theres a reason for that.

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@nightcrawler358: well put. I agree with everything. It's that strangeness I dig.

Anyone read Through the Looking Glass by Bruce Jones and Sam Keith?

I haven't read it but I expect it is also very strange and I really want to pick it up.

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My top 5 is anything batman by Jeph loeb I loved all his batman work.

The worst batman stories are:


2.Batman:Earth one

3.Death in the family

4.Batman R.I.P.

5. All star Batman and Robin

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Mad Love, Dark Victory, Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?, and once more Mad Love. Mad Love is my favorite book of all time!

I also liked Knightfall, The Killing Joke, and Death of a Family. However I wouldn't say they were my favorites.

As for worst IDK! The "Batman and Robin" comic adaptation?

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1. Batman: The Gauntlet

2. Robin: Year One

3. Batman: Prodigal

4. Batman: Face the Face

5. Batman: Black Mirror

Least Favorite

1. All Star Batman and Robin

2. Batman and Son

3. Batman and Robin (2009-2011 and 2011-)

4. Knightfall

5. Fortunate Son