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I have not seen anything posted about this, but I feel it is important considering the massive events over the past few issues of all the Bat Family series. With Death of the Family and Damian's death, the Bat Family has really changed in a big way. My goal is to address each of the members, but I only read a few of the books (Batman, Batman and Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood and the Outlaws, and Teen Titans) so any additions are very welcome. So let's begin!

Bruce Wayne- I think of all the changes, the biggest one is Bruce's shift from his closed off state of mind to realizing that he genuinely needs the others in his life. Many of the issues have shown him blatantly reaching out to them only to be rejected by all of them. The only one who stayed by his side was Alfred. Damian would have as well if he had not met his end. Which brings me to the effect of Damian's death on Bruce. When Jason died, Bruce went on an anger fueled spree and closed himself off even more than before; yet with Damian's death he reaches out even more to the others. This is a big deal for Bruce, and unfortunately the others refuse to give him the time of day. Overall, I am happy to see the old grump finally open up a bit and I am angry with the way the others are treating that.

Alfred- Not really much to say here. Regardless of the trauma he endured, Alfred remains loyal to the Family. Like always, each of the members look to him for comfort and I can not express how happy I was to see him alive at the end of DOTF.

Batwoman- I have no idea what is going on with her. All I really know is that she and Bruce were in some sort of fight recently.

Commissioner Jim Gordon- Also do not have much to say about him. He was really absent through most of this. I do not read Batgirl, however, so I could be wrong.

Dick Grayson- I truly do not understand why he is acting the way he is. Dick is no longer the open man he was before all this happened. In a way, he has switched places with Bruce in terms of emotional state. He does not seem to want anything to do with anyone, especially Bruce. I personally find this unfortunate. Bruce and Dick always had so much in common in terms of personal tragedy, but both reacted significantly different. Dick was able to get over his parents' deaths and continue to trust people. Bruce obviously did not. To see them switch in that sense is really sad. I also read Batman Beyond Unlimited and I feel like that portrayal is where Dick is headed. If he loses an eye in the near future I will drop the book all together. (Not really. Nightwing is awesome.) Damian's death really hammered the nail in the coffin. Dick and Damian finally found some real common ground and defined how much they loved each other as brothers only to have it cut short.

Jason Todd- Another huge emotional shift! If you have not read the most recent RHATO, Jason goes through some serious changes and seems to finally forgive Bruce. I nearly teared up at the end of that issue. It was a long time coming and I am glad it finally happened. I just hope it lasts beyond his mini-coma. It might just be the painkillers clouding his judgement, but I remain optimistic that he will still have forgiven Bruce when he wakes up completely.

Tim Drake- I may be wrong, but I think Tim is currently either going insane because of Joker (similar to Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker) or Raven has him under her control. Regardless, there has not been much of a chance to see how he is reacting to all of this. Perhaps, he just does not care as much. Tim has always been more independent than the rest and does not define himself by his time with Bruce or blame Bruce for anything like the others do. Considering him and Damian did not like each other much, I think it is fair to say that particular death did not affect him much.

Barbara Gordon- I really have no idea what she is going through either. I do not read her book. So someone please jump in here.

Damian Wayne- I will miss the little guy. Especially when his and Bruce's relationship was finally starting to get somewhere. I personally believe his death was wasted potential. Anyway, before he died I would say he was the only one who really stuck by his father. Given a chance, I think we would have seen a much different Damian throughout the coming issues. Also worth noting, I think Bruce really saw a lot of his own flaws through Damian and their relationship helped Bruce become a more trusting father of the Bat Family.

Harper Row- I still don't know how I feel about her. I liked the last issue with her, but I am not ready for a new Robin. Besides that though I think I would have liked her. We shall see I suppose.

That really seemed shorter when I was thinking about it in my head. Oh well. Feel free to add to all of this. I really want some other opinions on this. It's been a crazy few months.

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Harper isn't going to be the new Robin. C***** K***** will be.

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I think that the Alfred is slightly different, but not from DotF. If you've read Batman Inc #9, Bruce actually blames Alfred for letting Damian out of the cave. So, maybe he's not that emotionally open. Plus, the angry yell at the end of the issue...I think he's mad, more than anything.

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@joygirl: i doubt she will be. thats too random.

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- That's just Morrison's writing in my mind. I usually take his writing with a grain of salt.


- I highly doubt that what Tim is going through has anything to do with the joker. It's most likely Raven being that her and her father were in two subsequent issues.


- She's going through some things with James Jr. and apparently she pushes him off a roof in one of the upcoming issues. It should be interesting. I personally don't care for her as part of the family at all.



- I highly dislike Scott Snyder's Bruce for multiple reasons and i don't really care for Snyder's drivel.

- Moreover, Bruce is written differently in various books and it's almost a joke.


- I'm sure Damian will be back soon. An Al Ghul staying dead ,especially when his mother didn't mean to kill him and he's Ra's' vessel, doesn't make any logical sense to me at all. Additionally, if Jason and Shiva and company could use the pits, i don't see why Damian wouldn't be able to. I have to say that Bruce is an idiot in many ways as well.


- Having yet another temper tantrum feud with Bruce, surprise surprise. I mean, am i really supposed to care Richard? I understand that Damian was your brother, but you're a complete ass.

- I know see that you got the nickname "Dick" for a reason and that seems to be because you are a complete Dick. Additionally, you seem to be aware of this fact yourself.

- Overall, the family is fine besides Damian missing. Batgirl is stuck up as usual and is dealing with some nonsense, Richard and Bruce are having yet another feud, Tim couldn't care less, and Jason is apparently fine.

- I feel as though the family is as close as it ever was with the exception of Damian being dead.

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Batwoman and Batman did have a bit of an argument recently. When she was interrogating Mr. Freeze, Batman showed up and she brought up that he hadn't helped in the fight against Medusa, but as soon as she's dealing with one of his villains, he gets involved. I don't think he trusts her because she's working with the D.E.O.

But she's not one of the family anyway, so it doesn't really matter if they're not getting along.

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I hope Harper Row doesn't become the new Robin.