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The Tumbler is based onthe tank from The Dark Knight Returns

Frank Miller thing, Carmine Falcone, Bat sonar to call bats and Begins ending.

The Joker card is the Arkham Asylum one, also it was J Kerr who find it, like everybody know, he many times has said his name is Joe and last name Kerr.

Batman owns a Lamborghini Murcielago(Bat)

The name of the soundtrack are types of bats, if you read the name you will notice you can spell Batman with the first letter from son 4 to 9.

Mr. Zsasz has a small role.

There is a small joke about the Lazarus Pit, Ras being immortal and reborn, this means the jail in Rises is the Lazarus Pit, that explains why Batman see Ras and get cured.

The Batman is a joke about the Sons of Batman fromThe Dark Knight Returns.

Nestor Carbonell the Mayor, once play a parody of Batman, called Batmanuel from the TV Live Action version of The Thick.

The scars story againare a sick joke of the Joker and reference to The Killing Joke when he tells Batman he likes having and open option about his past.

The story of his dad and mom, sound like when The Joker in the 89 movie killed his girlfriend.

The Joker is using the same mask it used in the first episode of the Batman Adam West show, in the episode The Joker is wild.

The Joker uses the alias of Melvin White in the movie, he uses this alias in the comic books.

Gambol was Spawn.

Catwoman joke, Should do fine against cats.

Mr. Reese actually is the name of the character from Person of Interest, made by Johnatan Nolan.

The Joker uses a crowbar against Batman, he say this familiar places, this is because is the exact smae scene where The Joker kills Jason Todd, yay Jason Todd gets a mention.

Harvey Dent gets attacked like in the comics, but it changes so he dont gets hurt, this is obviously a joke about Two Faces origin.

Bruce drunk rant, two faced friends, again another joke about Harvey Dent.

White Lenses.

The Dark Knight Rises = TDKR

The Dark Knight Returns = TDKR

Bruce is using a cane like in Batman Beyond

Bane breack his back

The city part is obviously based on no mans land

John Blake makes a joke about the urban legend of crocodile living in the sewer, this is a joke about Killer Croc

Lucius Fox makes again another joke about a Batman villain: So you've come out of your cryo-sleep, yes Mr. Freeze.

Bane uses The Red Hood costume during the market heist or at least looks based on this one.

Deadshot got an small cameo, the actor Josh Stewarts ooks like him, this is thanks to the fact Goyer wanted him in the movie.

Roland Daggett from The Animated Series, you know the guy that made Clayface.

Bane breacks the Harvey Dent in two, another joke about Two Faces.

So thats what that feels like is from Kingdom Come.

The Robin R can bee seen in the Stadium.

Blake jacket in the last scene has a logo that looks like the Nightwing logo.

The way he find out who Batman is, is a reference to Tim Drake.

John Blake lives with orphans and spend time with a priest, this is a reference to Jason Todd.

Dick Grayson used to be a cop.

They wrote heist wrong in the newspaper, it says hiest.

The Joker scars are based on a Aaron Eckhart, the Black Dahlia that is based on a real crime.

The Joker acts exactly like The Joker during his first comic book, just change radio for tv.

The Joker uses make up because he did during his original first comic book, also like i have said, he based on Romero who you can see he paints his face and mustache, beside you could notice his normal skin during the Adam West Batman show.

Harvey Dent face sets on fire, but you can see the Bat logo during some few seconds.

John Nolan the uncle of the Nolans gets a small cameo.

The Doctor from Memento has a small cameo.

The Joker Nurse name was Matilda, Heath Daugther name.

Juno Temple is playing a character that is "Jen" Holly Robinson(Fun fact, Jennifer Lawrence try to get this role)

Heath Ledger got a cameo during the dinner scene

The Batman Statue is under a blue piece, if you notice the color looks like The Batman cape from the Adam West show.

Also if you notice the audience makes a happy face, a joke about the Joker.

Besides there is a magazine where you can notice an image of Heath Ledger as the Joker, in the famous dark joker image, this is when Lucius and Bruce talk.

In the poster you cans e the Superman Logo and a Small Joker face.

TDKR Bruce Wayne = Howard Hughes Vegas Years

Catwoman costume is based in the Adam West Batman show.

Talia was an eco terrorist or at least an enviromentalist, also she talk about restore the world.

Grant Morrison help Heath Ledger with his Joker

The whole licing in a building and having another Batcave is from the 70s comics.

Batman 1, The Joker uses a cop costume, like in TDK.

Patrick Leahy is democratic senator from Vermont, gets a cameo in TDK.

Shoes with knifes = James Bond

The Joker Driver was the stnuntman that did the truck getting upside down.

250 52nd Street is the place where Reachel was before dying, the first and last number are 2, again Two Faces joke.

The machine that spies everybody, was called the Brother Eye in the comic, you know the OMAC thing.

Bruce falling into the Batcave = The Dark Knight Returns, yeas again.

Ducard was a character from The Man Who Falls, a French assassin, not onyl that, he did exactly the same that Ras does in Begins, amazingly, many people still belive he is Ras and lied to Batman about being Ducard.

Nolan Batman movies are actually bad on the Superman movies, that is the reason why the casting have super famous actors as small characters and not so famous as the main characters.

Jeremy Theobold from Nolan the Following has a cameo.

Cillian Murphy suit was design smaller so he looks like a Scarecrow.

Batgirl had small cameos.

Crane going loco with Batman = Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween: Fears from Loeb and Sale.

There is lines from The Dark Knight Returns all over the trilogy.

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This is a little old but interesting. Never noticed this stuff before

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About the Ducard one, I simply figured his name was Ducard after Henri Ducard, one of Bruce's most notable mentors. I always saw it as Liam Neeson's characters being 2 characters rather than just one. He was Ducard at the beginning, by training Bruce and taking him under his wing. Then once the "fake" Ra's Al Ghul died in the burning of the League of Shadows base, Ducard then took on his persona of Ra's (Metaphorically, I realize he was Ra's the entire time) and went on to pursue his mission.

Never thought about the Lazarus Pit being the reason as to why Bruce's back healed though. I think that's something a lot of people missed since that's a common complaint about the movie. Thanks for the info on that.

Also, @jayc1324, thanks for bumping this. Hadn't seen before.

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So? They were Batman after all, so it should hardly be surprising that they made all of these references considering the source material.

It's like watching an animated show like BTAS or BATB, where they make numerous references to many DC characters.

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@vikings: People fail too lok at the fact they call it the pit.

There is a Spiderman 3 poster in TDK

Bane coat is a reference to Hush

The Trail scene was used in the animated series, with the Joker as the judge, they put the Scarecrow, but lets be honest the Joker is the mian man, no small cameo guy.

Rises ending is exatly like The Batman Adam West movie, where Batman cant ger rid of a bomb and people belive he died

Why do we fall?, is a reference to The Man who falls, inspiration for Begins plot.

The man that was introduce as Ras in the party scene, is using a green cape, like he does in the comics.

Christian Bale was introduce to a Batcostume with nipples, he knew it was joke.

Also the reason for no blood in this movies, they didnt want to make the movies too dark.

Jerry Robinson who created the Joker concept, help the production crew to design him as a character, take that Ledger haters.

Ras and Bane use the same posture.

Batman always counter his villains signature lines before finish them.

Storm is coming was use by Batman in Begins and Catwoman in TDKR.

Thalia was obssesed with using the same phrases that Ras algun used, like doing what is necesary, resto the balance , he said when some one interfiers with justice you stab him in the heart, again Thalia did this,

The spikes of his arm was his best weapon, since it breack Ras sword, put new scars to the Joker and destroy Bane mask.

In some point ins Rises some one talk about flipping a coin, again a joke about Two Faces.

When Batman take down the Al Ghuls is playing the exact same music, besides he take them down in the same fashion.

Ras used a mask that looks like Darth Vader mask on Begins, Bane mask is also based on Darth Vader Mask and Batman Costume is based on Darth Vader costume, not surprise since Nolan is a Star Wars Fan.

Fox tell Bruce all the thing that will happen to him, during the scene he show him the new costume, he say he will be stab and shot very damn close.

For some bizarre reason he was asking for directions in all the 3 movies.

This were ones i found in some website.

When Bruce's parents die, his stance is inconsistent; in one shot he is standing up then sitting down in another. This may be a deliberate, as the scene is a subjective view of a confusing, traumatic moment, when memory can become unreliable.

The position of tree branches over the water well young Bruce falls in changes. The branches look one way (from the bottom looking up) when Rachel calls down, but it appears to be a different tree when Thomas Wayne lowers himself to rescue Bruce. This may be a deliberate, as the scene is a subjective view of a confusing, traumatic moment, when memory can become unreliable.

Commissioner Loeb is a character from Year One, also it could be a joke about Jeph Loeb, Batman comic book writter.

Carmine "The Roman" Falcone is a character from Year One and The Long Halloween.

Henri Ducard was created by Batman screenwriter Sam Hamm. The character was in the movie's original script, however was dropped. Hamm later during his comic book writing debut on Detective Comics series incorporated the character into the Batman mythos.

A pair of Batman pajama bottoms can be seen hanging from the line in the scene where Batman talks to the little boy in the Narrows.

The Gotham Police cruisers' color scheme is based on that of the New York Police Department. Gotham is meant by Bob Kane to be a caricature of New York City.

Batman's journey to Tibet, and his ninja training, were both elements introduced into the comic book by writer James Owsley in Batman #431 (March, 1989). The series editor,Denny O'Neil, made the issue part of the Batman Writers Bible that he would hand out to each new writer on the series, thus confirming the story's place in canon.

The opera that young Bruce attends with his parents is "Mefistofele", composed in the mid-1800s by Arrigo Boito.

The character Ra's al Ghul was co-created by comic-book writer/editor Denny O'Neil and artist Neal Adams. O'Neil also wrote the Batman Begins novelization, O Neil talked about Ras daughter in this.

The movie references the comic, Batman Year One by Frank Miller with Detective Flass, the corrupt cop, being partnered with James Gordon. It further follows the storyline by showing Gordon refusing to turn in the corrupt cops.

Lucius Fox even when is a comic book character, in the movie takes the job of Harold Allnut Batman's trusty engineer and the resident mechanic of the Batcave.

John Nolan, Christopher Nolan: the birthday party guest who tells Bruce Wayne that "the apple has fallen very far from the tree.

Jeremy Theobald: The male lead from Following, Christopher Nolan's first film. He plays the younger of the two Gotham Water Board Technicians.

Lucy Russell: The female lead from Following, Christopher Nolan's first film. She plays a guest in the restaurant, and has the second most lines of any female in the movie, second only to Katie Holmes (Rachel Dawes).

During the interrogation scene when Gordon leaves the room and the lights come on, you can see the Joker close his eyes and brace himself to have his head slammed into the desk before Batman touches him. However, he was probably blinking from the bright lights coming on after he was in the dark for so long.

The length of The Joker's hair changes throughout the course of the movie on several occasions. It begins mid length then changes to long, then back to short. This is suitable for this chameleon-like, disguise-loving character.

When Two-Face is in the hospital which The Joker plans on blowing up, you can see make-up on his pillow which has rubbed off from the "burnt" side of his face. Actually the burnt part of his side is completely CGI, and the "make-up" is supposed to be "ashes" or pieces of Two-Face's burnt side rubbing off onto the pillow.

Batman asks Alfred to find the names of any police officers who have family members staying in the hospital. Alfred texts Gordon with two names "Ramirez, Berg". Charles Ramirez-Berg is an acclaimed professor of radio-television-film at the University of Texas at Austin who, among other honors, was mentioned in Robert Rodriguez 's autobiography as his favorite professor.

Gotham City's civic heraldry combines elements of New York City's and Chicago's municipal emblems. Examples include Gotham-area license plates (based on Illinois tags found throughout Chicago) and Gotham's garbage trucks (whose door emblems directly quote New York City's old Sanitation Department logo: a large red sans-serif capital letter S atop a medical caduceus, all within a circle with a text border).

During the chase scene, when the Joker takes over driving the semi after his driver is killed, the bullet holes on the windshield form a smiley face.

The ferries used for the ferry scene in which a boat of convicts and citizens are forced to detonate a bomb in the other boat, the ferries depicted are CGI models of the Molinari-class of Staten Island Ferry. The Staten Island Ferry, which is run by the New York Department of Transportation, offers a free 25-minute ride across New York harbor from St. George in Staten Island to South Ferry in Manhattan.

When Harvey Dent disarms the witness in court, he removes the magazine from the stock and holds it in his small finger. This is actually the correct procedure for emergency reloads and correcting malfunctions.

Bit actor Paul Birchard also acted in Tim Burton's Batman, making him one of the very few actors to have been in both Batman franchises.

The Joker (Heath Ledger) falling from the Prewitt building mirrors a scene from the very first Joker story in 'Batman' #1 (Spring, 1940) in which the Joker falls from a penthouse scaffolding, but is caught by the Batman.

During the Hong Kong action scene (to bring Lau back), Batman shoots time-bombs on the glass which has a time of 2:22 minutes. The bombs explode almost exactly after 2 minutes 20 seconds in real time, which shows that the action could happen in almost 2 minutes.

Buster Reeves, Christian Bale: a Joker thug. He appears in the trailer of the Joker's semi-truck, as he hands The Joker his weapons as he fires them at the police transport. He then rides in the passenger seat of the cab of the truck as The Joker drives.

There are many elements from various Batman graphic novels, either verbatim or slightly recast. In The Long Halloween, Batman, Gordon, and Dent fake Dent's death. In The Dark Knight, Gordon's death is faked. Also in The Long Halloween, Batman poses as a SWAT officer. In the movie, Gordon does. The Joker's reference at the end of the film to "pushing Dent over the edge" mirrors his social experiment with Gordon in The Killing Joke, in which The Joker attempts to drive Gordon insane by making him have a really bad day. A lot of the interaction between Batman and The Joker is taken from The Long Halloween, specifically the interrogation scene in the film. It's reminiscent of the end of The Long Halloween and also is similar to elements of The Dark Knight Returns.

the policeman that is clearing the hospital out which he shoots with a pistol while in a nurse uniform. This character choice is a reference to the graphic novel 'The Man Who Laughs' in which it is mentioned that The Joker "just opened fire and didn't even look at the people while he killed them".

Harvey Dent's scarring in this film due to an explosion is not what happens in the comics but rather is closer to the Batman episodes Two-Face Part I and II.

In Batman Batman uses the grapple gun on the Joker, causing him to fall to his death. In this film, Batman also uses the grapple gun on the Joker, this time to save him from falling.

Throughout the movie, the Gotham City Police Department uniform and cars show GPD and GCPD inconsistently. It is not uncommon for police forces to change vehicle liveries and/or styles of their uniforms every once in a while. New vehicles would be added to their fleet and given the new livery - to change every other older vehicle in the fleet to the same new livery would not be cost-effective.

Early on in the film Bane makes a big point about how he was born in the dark and never saw light till he was a grown man. Later when we see the pit it is not only well lit but we get another speech about how the view of the sky is a key part of the prison's design. He never said he was born in the prison. Simply in the dark.

At the end, when they found out its program was tampered, Fox was running analysis on "The Bat", which would have been obliterated inside a nuclear explosion. This Bat however, is the original model, light blue, shown to Bruce by Fox during their meeting. Fox explains that "it does come in black," indicating that it is quite possible he had more than one of these vehicles in his possession at Applied Sciences at that time. Considering this, any software patch used by Bruce to fix the autopilot issue would have transferred onto all of the models, making it quite possible that the vehicle seen at the end is not the one piloted by Batman during the film.

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When Bane enters the stock exchange trading floor, he wears a backpack that has a logo 'DCS courier services.' Batman is a DC Comics superhero.

A close look on the handheld walkie-talkies used by the Gotham City Police Dept reveals an old DC Comic logo.

The character Barsad, Bane's right-hand-man played by Josh Stewart, is a sniper and heavy arms expert. He is always shown wearing a bulletproof vest which has large bullets on it and a red scarf. This is a take on the Batman villain DeadShot, a character which co-writer David S. Goyer had expressed interest in bringing to the big screen.

The orphanage where Blake grew up and visits in the film is named St. Swithin's. In England, St. Swithin's day takes place on July 15th and is a tradition where whatever the weather is like on this day it will be like for the next 40 days, and it is said that if it rains that day it will rain for the next 40. The rhyme goes: "St. Swithin's day if thou dost rain, for forty days it will remain St. Swithin's day if thou be fair, for forty days 'twill rain nae mair." Water and rain are common motifs in Christopher Nolan's films.

Christopher Nolan used a heavy mask motif through out the movie; Batman, Bane, and Catwoman all wear masks, Bruce Wayne has a collection of African tribal masks in the room where he and Officer Blake first talk in Wayne manor, and Miranda Tate hosts a masquerade party.

Batman doing action during the day time could be a reference to the Batman Ada West Show.

Patrick Leahy: US Senator from Vermont cameos in the movie as a Wayne Enterprises Board Member. Leahy, a fan of Batman, previously cameoed in The Dark Knight and Batman and Robin.

Miranda Nolan: The cousin of writer-director Christopher Nolan and co-writer Jonathan Nolan appears as the maid gossiping about Bruce Wayne.

Bane has a triangle shaped scar on the side of his head, most visible during the stock exchange scene. Miranda Tate has an identical scar on her back, noticeable during her love scene with Bruce, thus hinting at her membership in the League of Shadows and true identity as Talia.

When Cillian Murphy first appears as the sentencing judge, he is wearing a heavily tattered coat that looks like it has straw coming out of the shoulders. This is a clear nod to his alter ego, Scarecrow.

There are several moments in the film where it is hinted that the child was not Bane. Bane tells Batman he never saw light 'til he was already a man. Furthermore the child that escapes from the pit is not scarred despite the fact we know Bane was treated within the prison.

Ras coming back fromthe grave is a joke to Star Wars where he as Qui Gon can do the same, Liam Neeson killed death.

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I don't think most of the ones you listed are easter eggs. Maybe just your, or someone elses analysis.

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So all of League of Shadows member have the same scar

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Rises ending is exatly like The Batman Adam West movie, where Batman cant ger rid of a bomb and people belive he died

It all makes sense now!

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@vikings said:

@deathpoolthet1000 said:

Rises ending is exatly like The Batman Adam West movie, where Batman cant ger rid of a bomb and people belive he died

It all makes sense now!

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batman movies has stuffs in dem?


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batman movies has stuffs in dem?


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Ra's al Ghul (Batman Begins) - "When a forest grows too wild, a purging fire is inevitable and natural."

The Joker (The Dark Knight) - "Everything burns."

Bane (The Dark Knight Rises) - "The fire rises."

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@gambler said:


Batman ass is better that any other superhero one, is better that Caps front.

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@vikings said:

About the Ducard one, I simply figured his name was Ducard after Henri Ducard, one of Bruce's most notable mentors. I always saw it as Liam Neeson's characters being 2 characters rather than just one. He was Ducard at the beginning, by training Bruce and taking him under his wing. Then once the "fake" Ra's Al Ghul died in the burning of the League of Shadows base, Ducard then took on his persona of Ra's (Metaphorically, I realize he was Ra's the entire time) and went on to pursue his mission.

Never thought about the Lazarus Pit being the reason as to why Bruce's back healed though. I think that's something a lot of people missed since that's a common complaint about the movie. Thanks for the info on that.

Also, @jayc1324, thanks for bumping this. Hadn't seen before.

They reduced Ducard to a pseudonym for Ra's, which fits with Nolans crapping the detective aspect of the character entirely.

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@muyjingo: There is again no evidence of this, as long as we know he could be Ducard and Ras Al Ghul something he invented.

Besides he belive Stephanie was death, Hush, failed to notice Jason Todd was alive and many things, amazingly people want this to dont happen in the movies


Nolan has being the only director give him detective work in the movies.

Saddly people belive detective job is tha Maltese Falcon, CSI or Scooby Doo, is actually a very boring job and quite faster to do.

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Very interesting list, but not sure if all of them qualify as "Easter Eggs", that implies that they were hidden and some of these were pretty obvious.

Still, great list.

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Awesome thread!

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Is this a random Easter Egg? This looks alot like Heath Ledger makeup free sitting next to the joker, he is the only henchman without a mask, and is only in one shot for less than a second.