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Recently finished Volume 1 of Batman The Animated Series. Ordered Volume 2 along with Mask of Phantasm and SubZero. Should I finish all 4 volumes of TAS before watching MoF, SubZero, and Under The Hood? Or does it really not matter? I'm eager to watch them all but don't want to ruin the other half of TAS in case they were truly intended to watch in order.



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do as you want, I personally would watch first MOTP then BTAS then SZ then UTH (though I doubt UTH is on the same continuity as the DCAU)

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under the red hood isnt in the same continuity. but i would follow masterdetectives order.

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there's also the Mystery of the Batwomen or whatever it was called which I think is after Sub Zero though I'm not sure...then Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker...or you could watch it after Batman Beyond the series....there's flashbacks in it that are after BtAS

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@vikings:MOTP, then TAS, followed by Sub Zero, proceeded by Mystery of the Batwoman, continued by Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, then Batman Beyond, then finally Return of the Joker

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@vikings I'd say MOTP, the first 3 volumes of Batman: TAS, Sub Zero, then the fourth volume (there's an episode in the 4th volume that references events in Sub Zero), Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (I actually haven't seen this one yet... I've heard that's it's actually kind of meh... but it's next up on my Netflix queue, so I guess I'll find out soon enough), Batman Beyond, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (preferably the unedited version), Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited. I put Batman Beyond before the Justice League shows because, though Batman Beyond (which from here on out will be referred to as BB) takes place after Justice League, BB was made first and is later referenced in Justice League. I just think you'll appreciate those references more if you watch BB first. Under the Red Hood is a great movie that you can watch at any time, as it isn't part of the same continuity as the rest of those.

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Thanks for all the answers. Two quick questions:

1) Does it matter when I watch Batman: Year One?
2) When can I post more than 5 posts a day? The limit is a little annoying for me and I haven't seen it on other forums before.

Thanks :)

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it doesn't really matter actually.

Sub-Zero comes after the episode "Deep Freeze" in Volume 3. But you don't need much backstory.

Btw, how was Vol. 1 for you? Batman TAS is an amazing show!

Batman: Year One isn't in the same continuity as Batman TAS. Doesn't matter when you watch it.

I think you get unlimited posts after your 15th post. Don't remember

Btw Mask of the Phantasm is amazing. One of the best Batman movies I have ever seen.

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@vikings: Oh, and welcome to comicvine! I like your Harley pic

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@batmannflash Thanks for the info! Volume 1 was great. I was impressed, especially for it being the first season. Favorite episodes were definitely Be A Clown, Heart of Ice, and the 2 part Two-Face. Pretty Poison was also great.

Alright, hopefully you're correct since it gets annoying having to stop at 5 at a day. I looked around for different Batman forums and this one definitely seemed to be the best.

I'm excited for it to arrive. Stupid Amazon isn't living up to their 2 day shipping, so hopefully tomorrow. I watched Under the Red Hood in the mean time and thought it was fantastic. I was blown away by it. The high quality writing, the fact it didn't tone itself down for the sake of it being animated. Also liked how they made the Joker how he should be, psychotic and not afraid of anything, even death. From what I hear Mask of the Phantasm is either better or just as awesome depending on who you talk to, so looking forward to it.

Thanks for the welcome. I like your Red Hood pic as well.

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@vikings: What no "Joker's Favor?" I really liked that one. Or "Mad as a Hatter?" Mad Hatter is an underrated villain. Oh yah Heart of Ice and Pretty Poison made Freeze and Ivy into such great villains. Yeah I remember having to only post 5 per day. Really annoying. Under the Red Hood was fantastic. The Joker was great (not as great as Mark Hamill in Batman TAS, but still good).

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Those 2 are definitely up there, I forgot to mention Mad as a Hatter. That was probably my second favorite episode. Love Mad hatter, and I agree, he's the most underrated villain. Joker's Favor would be higher had it featured a little more Harley, the episode was great too though. Too many to name! There were a few I really disliked though, such as the one with the Penguin. I believe it was called There's a Batman in my Basement.

Yeah, one thing I didn't like as much was the voice. Same guy that does the voice for Bender in Futurama. I liked how he was written a bit better than in TAS. Black Mask was great in it too.

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@vikings: yeah there were a couple bad ones. even the producers said they were lazy in "I've Got Batman in My Basement" and it clearly showed. In BTAS, Penguin has some of the most boring episodes haha. Joker/Harley and Poison Ivy have the best episodes in the show. My fav episode is in Vol. 4 and centers around Harley