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I was thinking about Superior Spiderman and the idea of turning a heroes' rogues into them, and I was thinking about who would be a good fit for Batman. I came up with the following choices, but if you have any other villains, feel free to throw them in.

Deathstroke/Slade Wilson - Advantages: Great strength, intellect, agility, martial arts training

Disadvantages: Professional killer. That doesn't fly in the Batman organization.

Bane - Advantages: Intellect, strength, fighting skills. Batman and Bane even teamed up at one point and went on patrol when Bane was living with Batman to find out whether or not Thomas Wayne was Bane's father.

Disadvantages: He's a killer. He would have no problem with permanently taking out any of Batman's rogues.

Lex Luthor - Advantages: intellect, access to the same income Batman has, has had combat training and is in peak physical shape

Disadvantages: Once again, he's evil.

I also reckon Catman would be a decent replacement for Batman for a bit....but he isn't really a villain anymore, and I feel like he couldn't continue it as long as Batman could, with his mental state being questionable.

Is this a dumb idea, or do you think there's a villain who would be a good fit to be Batman?

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I think it should be the Joker. That would be awesome.

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I think it should be the Joker. That would be awesome.

Joker can't exist without Batman, so Bruce would have to be the Joker

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What about RiddlerBatman?

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@cheesesticks: why can't the Joker exist without batman. Ya that would be cool if Joker found a way to witch bodies with the bat. And then throw him in arkham while he terrorizes the city.

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@mightybeast: The problem is Joker doesn't want to kill or become Batman, he wants him to suffer. Hugo Strange or Ra's al Ghul is my answer. @god_spawn Dupe thread.

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Well wouldn't batman suffer if he was somehow incompacitaed and had to watch the thing he loves ,Gotham burn at the hands of the Joker.

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@rustyroy said:

@god_spawn Dupe thread.

Has this already been made? And yeah, I forgot to put in Ra's Al Ghul. He would be a good Batman

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@cf12793: Yeah and just 3 hrs before this one, anyways how about Mad Hatter? I'm not listing Bane or Slade because they are almost Batman's level and DS doesn't want to be Batman and Bane wants to break the Batman, I think Mad Hatter and Hugo Strange would make a better fit and Ra's because he wants a substitute for him and even wanted to switch bodies in BB Universe.