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Hi everyone,

I have a little bit problem, and maybe someone can help me with that. So, I was reading Batman comics from New 52, a little bit randomly (I mean, all that family part like Batwing, Batgirl etc, was less important for me that the core: Batman, Detective Comics) and right now I want to fix it. And I have no idea how.

To be more specific: Is there any list of how to read all Batman family part of New 52? There is a lot of that, and actually I have no idea how to read it. Should I read first issue of every series, and that second issue of every series? Okay, but in the meantime there are two cross-overs (Night of Owls, and Death of the Family) and I'm a little bit lost in continuity there. I think you understand what my problem is.

So, is there anyone who can help me with that? How should I read it. I mean from issue 1 to present issues. Some list, or something?

I would be very gratefull.