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Mastering one martial art takes a lifetime.

Not only is Batman master of every martial arts but also detective, tactician and elite athletic. Hes also one of the smartest people and has a large scientific knowledge.

How is this possible?

Can we all accept that because hes the goddamn Batman?

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Prior to the reboot, he was active for like 15-20 years, so it's easy to believe that anything he didn't know right at the beginning of his career, he learned over the course of it. Realistically, several fighting styles seem to overlap in terms of form and technique, so it's not that much of a stretch to think that Batman became skilled in one and glanced at some other related/similar arts and gleaned some moves to incorporate into his style. In regards to his smarts, that could be attributed to being wealthy and fortunate enough to afford the best schooling, so when he wasn't physically training as a teenager, he was book learning.

Not to mention, Bruce learned via unorthodox means. Most people, when they train and learn martial arts, they have downtime. They do things to relax and have families that they go to spend time with and friends they associate with; Bruce went off the grid and pretty much trained non-stop for years with people who didn't necessarily train the way most masters would train a pupil. Not unreasonable to believe that under such extreme training regimen, someone could master a fighting style relatively quickly.

But he also lives in a universe with beings who defy physics, and that includes normal humans who're aren't nearly as smart and aren't as well versed in as many fighting styles as Batman. The rules of his universe shows that someone who spends the right amount of time and studies under the right people can become polygots, polymaths, and become one of the best melee fighters on the planet.

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He's batman.

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It's a superhero universe. I am seriously tired of people trying to make Batman more "realistic" by having him only know a few martial arts, or not build his own stuff, or know very little about science, or only being a passable fighter or being insane because no sane guy would go around fighting crime in a bat-costume in response to a childhood trauma.

No, screw that. Batman is one of the top fighters in the DC Universe, one of the greatest thinkers, incredibly skilled and talented at a lot of things, at peak human physical form and yes, he can run a billion/trillion-dollar company effortlessly on top of all that.

Don't like it? Too bad. Go read the Punisher if you don't like Batman being a, y'know, actual super-hero instead of fighting mobsters-in-funny-costumes and being all down-to-earth "realistic" all the time.

Batman isn't and has never been "realistic". It's a dude in a bat-costume beating up crooks. Just go with it.

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@orangebat: I think DC is at it's best when they don't put much concern in making their character's "realistic" or "relatable". Marvel has the heroes you can relate to. DC should stick to the heroes you can look up to.

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@orangebat: I think DC is at it's best when they don't put much concern in making their character's "realistic" or "relatable". Marvel has the heroes you can relate to. DC should stick to the heroes you can look up to.

I never got the idea Marvel was relatable. They were just as fantastical and their arcs forever just brushes over after events that would destroy the fabric of civilization. I get the "look up to" part for the Justice League but not because the were unrelatable but that they were the Earth's best hero's. Marvel has the same with the Avengers. The most relatable part about Marvel is no fake cities in America.

As for Batman he was a supremely rich kid with dedication that is just to fictional proportions.

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Having an eidetic memory certainly helps. Other than that...

That's comic books, people. They are sort of meant to be fantastical.

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He's a genius with a bucket load of liquid income and bunch of time on his hands. He can do anything he likes?

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He's Batman. He doesn't need to sleep or eat. He is genetically perfect, mentally and physically. He inheirited billions of dollars so he doesn't need to work. He can heal from injuries in 1/10th of the time of a standard human. He can learn anything in 1/100th of the time that a normal person can. And people say he is more relatable than Superman.

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@rdclip: Wow, you make him sound very mary sueish.

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Bat nips

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That's his super power. Wolverine once said he had a secret superpower which is why he is able to be on every Marvel super team with zero conflicts. Batman's secret superpower is that he is literally the master of anything that requires skill.

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This is the truth.

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He's just good like that. It's a comic, they aren't bound by our logic. Granted he may be a master at a lot of things BUT there are those who excel at things farther than him because that is all they focus on. AKA Lady Shiva key focus is MA so she's better than him for one example.