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So I've been reading TDK since it started in Sep '11. It's the only batman series i collect. A lot of people give this negative feedback, personally I think it's quite good, but anyway. People say a lot of the other series are much better so my question is should I ditch TDK and opt for another series, if so which one.

My only issue is I like to have every issue from #1 and to collect all issues of another arc might be quite expensive...

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Batman is my favorite book right now. You should try it.

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@spaceboy_n: if you like TDK, then keep reading it! It's your choice. I personally don't like it. Even Detective Comics is better. But if you're looking for Bat series, then... IMO, I think Batman, Batman & Robin, and Batman Inc. are better. However, if you like the series, then keep it! Don't let other people sway your opinions. If you want good recommendations for DC, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, and Wonder Woman are my personal favorites. Those are really awesome series.

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@spaceboy_n: by all means if you like it keep reading it, you shouldn't stop on what other pepole think but if you want you could try out Batman and DC to see if you like it better then make your own decision

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@spaceboy_n: If you have to ask this question then that is a bad sign. I have never been in the middle of a series I enjoyed and asked my self: "I wonder if I should stop reading this?"

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I think the main Batman is the best of the lot and I think it's definitely at least worth a look, but if you like The Dark Knight, read The Dark Knight.

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i dropped that book like a hot pancake its just not very necessary i mean it a good book but you don't need to read it for the rest of the universe and its not as good as the main batman or even batman and robin there are a lot other books more pertinent to the universe and even other bat-books like nightwing or batgirl or even batman and superman just saying though aquaman and the flash 2 of the best books in the new 52

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I've so far been reading 4/5 batman series and Batman is definitely the best. I do like TDK though. If you enjoy it then definitely keep reading it. It's not the best though in my opinion.

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Get rid of that crap book an pick up batman, nightwing, or batwoman their great