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I LOL'ed,but he actually does have a point.I would love to see Batman expand but unfortunately fanboys will always complain and say Batman needs to stay in Gotham and fight crime,when so MUCH more can be done with the batmythos.

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he doesnt just fight street level though , just mostly street level lol

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@hit_monkey: I agree 100%, to quote nite-owl

F*ck you bat-b!tch

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Obviously have not read much Batman. That's not how it is at all. He starts on street level crime and works his way up. Also, Wayne Enterprises and Bruce Wayne do a lot for the city of Gotham

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@uncleemu: Arkham never seems to change, and don't use the 'curse' excuse. Bruce is pals with Zatanna and Zatarra, and I did saw his efforts in court of owls when he did the speech to improve Gotham's infrastructure with the hologram display. He could do more.

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@nerx, Read any Batman and bat family around Battle for the Cowl, all they do is talk about how Gotham changes. And please don't use Snyder's Batman as an example. Even Snyder's fanboys have to agree that Snyder's Batman is a bit of an idiot.

And "he could do more" is not a valid argument. According to the video, Batman only takes on street level crime. Watch a few episodes of The Animated Series, and read Year One - it is obvious he doesn't just deal with "street level crime." In fact, most of his rouges gallery operate near the top of the crime chain.

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@uncleemu: Top of the crime chain limited to gotham, with his resources and his megacompany he can do more

which animated series?


The Batman?


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@nerx Obviously you aren't up for a real discussion about this as you ignore my counters and provide zero evidence for anything you're saying. I'll leave it at this:

I don't know what to say in response to the crime chain being "limited," because I have no idea what that means.

He uses his resources to

1) fund many charities across Gotham (as Bruce Wayne and through both Thomas and Martha Wayne Foundations) (various comics)

2) conduct ethical business in the food, shipping, medical, electronics, and entertainment fields as Wayne Enterprises has a branch in each field (various comics)

3) go around the world teaching other "heroes" how to step up their crime fighting game and provide them with more resources and a network (Batman inc)

4) fight crime personally in Gotham (various comics)

and I said "The Animated Series," as in, "Batman: The Animated Series," the only show called that related to Batman. I think it's by Paul Dini.

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@uncleemu: In the animated series he did make changes in gotham, the future is still bleak. In Injustice he did made the world a utopia, sadly non canon. Didn't their baby formula got screwed up by James Gordon jr?

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And here I thought Hunter was just making a funny observation.

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So instead of save helpless old women from getting mugged and murdered, he should go beat up on sixty to eighty year old men who pump funds into the economy and create jobs........makes sense.