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Ok so if you were to recommend 5 batman graphic novels to people. What would they be?

Mine are:

Dark Knight Returns

Batman and the Monster Men

Batman and the Mad Monk

Batman: Dark Detective

Batman: Year 100

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  • Killing joke
  • Black Mirror
  • Batman and son
  • Batman Hush
  • Year one

5 random GN that i enjoyed a lot

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No Man's Land

The Long Halloween

Dark Victory

Under the Red Hood

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Stick to the classics.

Batman: Year One

Batman: The Killing Joke

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Batman: The Long Halloween

Batman: A Death in the Family

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The Dark Knight Returns

Batman: Year One

Batman: Hush

Batman: The Black Mirror

Batman: The Court of Owls

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Batman Hush

Batman Under the Redhood

Year one

JL tower of Babel

Court of Owls

*still need to read No mans Land*

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The Killing Joke

No mans land

The Long Halloween

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The Long Halloween

The Killing Joke

Tower of Babel (justice League)

Gotham by Gaslight


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I see hush comes up alot. I thought about adding it myself, but decided against it.

I've owned Black Mirror for over a year, but still haven't got round to reading it. Saying that, i still haven't got any new 52 stories, i know a bits and bobs of whats been happening through comic vine though. I've been waiting till i can get "Batman and Robin: Batman must die" at a good price before i start with Black Mirror, and then moving on to Batman INC and court of owls. Ahh i'm so behind.

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Most of my 5 have been recommended except: Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth and The Dark Knight Strikes Again.

I haven't read it yet but I really want to pick up Batman: Through the Looking Glass. I love Sam Keith's artwork.

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theres batman:blind justice as well....

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@breadspread: I like The Dark Knight Strikes Again too. I think theirs only a few of us that do. Never read Arkham Asylum: A serious house on Serious earth, the art puts me off.

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Year One

Killing Joke

Dark Knight Returns

Night of the owls

Courts of the owls

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Hi this is my very first post here (just joined 2day!!) And I just wanna thank you first for giving me a chance to ensure that my first post here is something I actually know about...so here we go...

Honourable mentions...

Hush:beautiful art...jeph loeb writing

Long Halloween:see above

Batman RIP:incoherent without reading the rest of Morrisons run

Knightfall:im not sure this is a graphic novel per se ..still as one of the more famous bat stories..really not worth the while...

Top 5

5.court of owls:marginally edges out the other scott snyder classic black mirror

4.the killing joke:the quintessential joker story

3.the dark knight returns:the game changer.its not really a perfect story..not nearly in the same league as watchmen. However in terms of impact and sheer badassery, frank millers most famous work remains unmatched

2.grant Morrisons epic run:yes I know im cheating but cmon im sure it will all be collected as one giant edition one day (I hope!).anyways this is THE definitive batman run of all time, from mystery (black glove) to surrealism (rip) to plain fun (batman and robin) to time travel(return of bruce wayne) to just plain adventure stories(batman inc)...this run HAS IT ALL

1.batman year one:the first story remains the best.bar none

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@neale7: Dark Knight Strikes Again is just a ton of fun. I like Arkham Asylum: ASoSE because of the art. It's amazing.

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1. Year One (My favorite of all time, feels like reading a great movie)

2. The Black Mirror (The Best Dick Grayson Batman Story IMO, also one of the best Batman stories period)

3. Hush (It baffles me that Loeb's Marvel material can be so terrible when he can write Batman so well)

4. Earth One (Love the tweaks one can get away with in tale outside of normal continuity, especially Bullock)

5. Long Halloween (Another Loeb Batman epic)

I could go on and on, but those 5 are of some of my favorites, and the first ones I would recommend to new Batman readers as well.

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A Death in the Family



Under the Hood

City of Owls