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If Bruce was born into a poor family and his parents were murdered, would he still had the time and been able to acquire the education and skill to become a crime fighting superhero?

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probably not

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@thewolverine04: No, he wouldn't have had a butler to raise him and would have ended up in the foster system, he wouldn't have been able to pay for the world tour where he learned all his special skills and more than likely he'd grow up with a much different set of ideals.

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@tektheninja: Put together a quality creative team I would by the book.

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Just look at Jason Todd, he was in the same position more or less and if batman didnt get him he would have been the criminal element that batman fights one day. no all the training and education, along with the world traveling and the gadgets its pretty expensive, good thing he's a billionaire

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Bruce could still be a hero, but would not have the resources or gadgets. He won't be nearly as good as he is now. That's because he won't have the money to train and have such high education

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@tektheninja: this would be an interesting elseworlds story. I'd read it.

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@joshmightbe: elseworlds story, anyone?

I'm for it. I've always liked DC elseworld stories better than their main continuity.

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Mostly likely not but I would like to see how it would play out.

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He'd probably still become a hero, maybe he'd even become Batman(without all those awesome gadgets and resources) in fact that was the premise of Aronofsky's Batman Year One movie that never happened.

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He'd be the Question.

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I don't know, he would probably end like Rorschach, but that would definitely be an interesting story to read.

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I don't know, he would probably end like Rorschach, but that would definitely be an interesting story to read.

Agreed. Man now I want a Rorschach and Batman crossover.

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I thought this was going to be a pity thread at first. Coincidentally, I wrote a scenario like this for a Batman story ideas thread a few days ago. My arc:

I would like to see an arc where Batman is put up against his sort-of-antithesis. Not Wrath; a new character that also has similar origins, but has different methods. Where Batman was a billionaire, this new character would be poverty-stricken. Where Batman had the best tutors in the world, the new character had whatever was in the public domain - Internet, encyclopedias, etc. Where Batman had the best martial arts masters, this character has only one who teaches him only one style. He also has to make do with whatever resources he can find, rather than being able to come up with new stuff. Despite all this, through sheer determination (much like Batman's), the new character is still on the same level as Batman. Because of his different upbringing and training to become a hero, this character would have different methods like being okay with killing (though not actively doing so such as, say, Jason Todd) and occasionally asserting that the ends can justify the means (i.e. breaking laws at times in order to serve the greater good). A character like this, I think, would force Batman to look closer at himself and question whether he's able to maintain his own no-killing rule because of privilege, or because of his own determination. The two would be so similar that he would have to break down to himself what his own values mean to him and why they mean so much, when it's very clear he could have gone a different route and still ended up as a vigilante who, though he has a looser moral code, could still be effective as a real hero, and not an anti-hero. Or does his wealth allow him to not have to go through that line of questioning? The whole thing would be very introspective and thought-provoking, and I'm not sure who it would be written by. Suggestions?


^---- <post your ideas, it's a cool thread>

Basically, I think he can do it, but he won't be the same Batman. Not being a billionaire means there are some things that would just be impossible. But, I believe he's shown that his determination would drive him to be at the same level of effectiveness as he is in his privileged upbringing. Not having money means he'll just work that much harder.

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@mitran: yes. BANE did it i see no reason why batman cant do it