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I'm sorry if this has been done before. Anyways, I was wondering what you all would think about Killer Moth being the main villain in a Batman film. Does that sound good? Let me know what you guys think.

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only if he keeps the striped long johns.

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They would have to do some amount of revamping to get him to work

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If they used his Arkham Asylum design:

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HAHAHA! Thanks for this. :) Seriously though, I doubt that. All though, now that you mention him...I wouldn't be surprised to see him in Beware the Batman.

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If they gave him a army style black jumpsuit with the Arkham mask (no horns or antennae), never referred to him as Killer moth or related him to moths in anyway (except maybe a speech that referred to "moths to a flame" or something like that somehow), and made him a terrorist or assassin, the answer would be it could work, but will never happen.

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How in any way at all is that Killer Moth? This forum is about Killer Moth, not some terrorist guy that has nothing to do with what the Killer Moth really is.

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@patriotperson: That's exactly my point. They would have to change the character beyond recognition in order for him to work on screen.

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They could take the whole colors and some other thing out.

But he can actually work, main problem is that he would be a secondary villain.

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I guess... if they could do something interesting with him, why not?

There is just so many other villains I'd rather see on film... but you never know, maybe a film is what Killer Moth needs to propell him to greatness.

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@breadspread: I think you need to look at that picture posted by MartianManhunterisbetterthanCyborg again. That will NEVER BE PROPELLED TO GREATNESS.

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Killer Moth's claim to fame is that he launched Barbara's Batgirl career pre-52. He does have some potential but he'd need a complete redesign and such.

Oh also, pre-new52 he became mutated and if you used that you could create a fairly good movie, but he's far too unknown and you need a lot of work to get there which hollywood will never do.

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@rulerofthisuniverse: hahaha... You have a point, although the premise of the charcter could be interesting in the hands of the right writer.

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Killer Moth sucks, but could be salvaged. Maybe they take off on the idea that he constantly fails, and so he tries to "go straight", failing at that too.

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@breadspread: Agreed. But for now.....he's WAY too gimmicky.

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@rulerofthisuniverse: Gimmicky? He has a cocoon gun, a gun that literally shoots cocoon webbing at you

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Ok... So if doesn't happen now, I'm going to be disappointed.