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I wasn't sure were to post this so I just posted it in the main batman forum. In the new 52 Joker cuts off his face, and comes back very much in love with batman. It was always joked about before but in death of the family it's blatantly obvious. Harley Quinn also changes her costume to something a bit... smaller. I think there's a good reason for this. You see shortly before Detective Comics 1 Joker realized there was something missing in his life, he came out of the closet. He told Harley realizing this was why he always abused and mistreated her. Harley was so depressed she became a complete mess and had a psychotic break (another one) leading into her span in the suicide squad. Meanwhile Joker became depressed as well and had Dollmaker cut his face off (Joker is sadomasochistic and found the pain a joyful deterrent from his otherwise bleak life (He calls it fangasmic)). He then went on a year long soul-searching trip where he became comfortable with his affections towards batman but he realized batman's family would never let them be together so he reasoned to kill them (leading into death of the family). What's DC's equivalent to a no-prize, I think I've just won it. (All the above should be read in the most sarcastic voice possible)

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@timb said:

What's DC's equivalent to a no-prize, I think I've just won it.

You officially have my vote.

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This could possibly be the best thread in the history of these forums.

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Lol! This could be true! lol!

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This thread is full of win.

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- DOTF was another idiotic failure by DC as far as i'm concerned.

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