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Poll: jason fabok or david finch? (24 votes)

david finch 33%
jason fabok 67%

who draws a better batman?

i think finch

sorry i cant put some pics up with this phone

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I used to like Finch a whole lot more, but his work since coming to DC has been....meh.

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Finch draws one of the best Batmen i've seen......for me there were 3 Batmen before Capullo.....Sale,Finch, it's those three and Capullo.

Im young(20) so i'm not mentioning legends like Neil Adams and such......not from lack of respect or anything,just to be clear....

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Finch, when he's good. His work has been slacking lately, though, and Fabok's been superior.

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Finch was great but no more, Fabok is far superior now, the only good thing in Finch art are his shadows. Fabok has entered my top 20 artists list this year.

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Oh God Finch has easilybeen one of the worst artists in comics the last few years. Fabok is better in every way.

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@veshark: thanks fo the pics i think im leaning more towards fabok now

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Finch, easily.

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Based on those two panels, I'd say Fabok. But...

...the Fabok one is a cover or something and the Finch looks like a panel. Panels inevitably get less attention than covers so I'm not sure, actually.

I've always liked Finch, but I'm not really familiar enough with Fabok to say for sure. Seems pretty good from the picture up there, though.

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Currently it's Fabok because Finch's work has been pretty bad recently but if we are talking about his past work then he is better.

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Fabok is getting better and Finch worse so I think that Fabok nibs it for me.

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The student has surpassed his Master

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I've chosen Fabok. the guy has a cleaner style than Finch but his faces are a lot less uglier and his figure have more diversity. Finch's work today have ugly faces, are barrel chested and in a way generic

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Finch's Dark Knight knight terrors is still my favourite new 52 Batman book I think, so I go Finch!

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Finch's interiors are better than Fabok's

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@dondave: wait david finch is jason fabok teacher? or other way around?

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@dondave: wait david finch is jason fabok teacher? or other way around?

Finch is Fabok's teacher and helped him get his first work at DC

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@dondave: explains why there style is similar

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For me,Fabok no contest.

Finch's art just looks like over-detailed,gaudy crap at times.

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Jason's is the best.

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Finch for me

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Based on those two pics Finch but i dont know too much about either of them outside of batman comics. Both look really good though

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