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More importantly, does she have any relationship with Bruce? It seems like she was just inspired by him but I don't know if they've ever met or if he approves of her. Has she interacted with other members of the bat family? Thanks

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Kate Kane is Bruce's cousin on his mother's side in some way...

We don't know Jacob's connection to the rest of the Kane family.

We know that Bette and Kate are cousins and Bette's aunt is Kathy Kane (Batwoman I) who is Bruce's Aunt.

It could be that Kathy is called aunt by Bette simply due to how we sometimes refer to women/men who are from an older generation in the the extended family but are quite removed from us, but in Bette's origin story Kathy is rich and she isn't... the same with Kate not being rich.

This likely means an earlier family separation when Roderick Kane is actually Kate and Bette's great or great great Uncle (great or regular grand father's brother) It's also possible that Jacob and Nathan Kane are the same people with different names which would mean that they're equidistant related to Roderick as Bruce is...

Of course there's also the problem that Kathy's status in DCnU isn't known even though she is sort of integral to Bette Kane's origin...but oh well...

edit: forgot to answer other questions...

In a sense she is, but many people would say she isn't qualified.

Kate was inspired by Batman and doesn't know who Batman is, but doesn't know who he is and doubt she knows he's related. She trained her self with the aid of her father. As to whether he approves her, he does have Bette and Kate on a protected identity list, but it seems that he doesn't quite approve of her... however he seems softer on her than he was on Barbara, Stephenie, or Tim...

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She's not one of the Bat-Family, as she wasn't trained or brought up by Batman, doesn't work with them often, wasn't targeted in Death Of The Family, and she's said that she's not one of his Bat-Cult.

She has met Batman, but they don't trust(or possibly even like) each other. She's had a small amount of interaction with Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson(as Nightwing and Batman) and Batgirl.

I don't think there's been any mention of them being related, but seeing as Kane is apparently a common name in Gotham, there could be some connection.

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She is a coworker, noit even close enough to be a friend.

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She's kind of an outsider.

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Would anyone happen to know which issue or series run she meets batman in? I've been trying to find it.

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@jayc1324: She's met him a few times briefly in her current solo series(I'll check for issue numbers if you like), Detective Comics #854 and #859, both collected in Batwoman: Elegy. There may have been other times, but those are the only ones I can think of straight away.

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There's only 21 issues so far, I can probably find it. Thanks for the response.

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@jayc1324: No problem. If it helps, I don't think he was in any of the "To Drown The World" or "Worlds Finest" arc issues.

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No, the only thing they seem to have in common is the bat crest.

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Thanks I found it just now.

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