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Seriously, I'm starting to feel like its never going to happen because of Hollywood's inability to see past his Golden Age and Silver age persona. I know the character has had his goofy history but so do almost all Super heroes that have stuck around for over 50 years. The character has grown well beyond the speedo and elf shoes and he really deserves some mainstream respect.

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@joshmightbe: if they introduce him as Robin in the Batman reboot, then they should make him a little older. Bruce takes him in at age 8 but he doesn't become Robin until he's like 15. Then make a spin-off Nightwing movie

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@batmannflash: I think they should make it clear that Batman doesn't just take him in and automatically throw him out on the streets in Robin gear. Maybe open the movie with Bruce Wayne on a date at the circus when Dick's parents die and show Bruce volunteering to take him in then have like the first 10 or 20 minutes of the movie going in to Dick discovering Bruce is Batman, then have a time skip to reveal a fully trained 15 or 16 year old Robin.

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if the movie companies could get over their fascination with origin movies and realism and focused on good storytelling then yeah I think we could get an awesome Dick Grayson in a movie

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@batmannflash said:

Then make a spin-off Nightwing movie

Yes, because I'm sure it would do great at the box office...

But seriously, I agree. However the only way I can see it actually happening is if he becomes Nightwing straight away, or a grown up Robin, but that idea feels a little weird considering the character. Further more the idea of putting a little child in such extreme dangers is not favored in cinema I would guess. And we don't want Batman censored, even though The Dark Knight don't kill, other characters do & they need to be able to.

A Batman movie doesn't need to have extreme realism but I would like it to be serious.

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@dwightspitz: The way you work around it is you have Bruce Wayne adopt him when he's around 8 or 9 and you have a time skip to him just starting out as Robin when he's like 16 or 17. Make the major plot of the movie be his first real case as Batman's partner. Then you do a sequel where Robin is a young adult who's developing a rift with Batman then you end that movie with him quitting and then bring him in as Nightwing in a third where he and Batman fix their issues but Dick decides to remain a solo act then you do a solo Nightwing movie after he's been established as a character with a built in audience.

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Just make a Batman film where Dick Grayson is wearing the cowl.

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I do agree that a Dick Grayson Robin origin story would be a good reboot movie. I'd rather see Robin younger than 16. I agree that putting a child in extreme danger is not very popular... but this is Batman and Robin, just do it well and have a great story and audiences will love it.

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Maybe but most likely not.

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Yes, but do it properly I would love to see Robin kicking-ass at 9 years old, I mean if they can do Hit-Girl in a movie then they should be able to do Robin.

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@dwightspitz: okay. that could work then! If the audience likes Dick Grayson in the Batman movie (which will most likely sell a lot of tickets), then Nightwing could actually sell really well

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Hopefully. I'd like to see his origin like in Dark Victory.

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@sonofodin25: I agree, that is totally what I want to see, but I don't think it'll happen. They got a lot flak over Hit-Girl, and she wasn't a "beloved family character" the way Robin is. Still, Kick-Ass did well despite it's critics, I just can't see DC taking that risk with Robin.

I hope I'm wrong. It would show a different side of Batman, it would bring out how insane he really is, to show him teaching a 9 year old how to fight crime.

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I thought if hit girl could be done then why not robin, but then i took into consideration the only person who would let a 9 year old run around in even less body armor than you on the front lines would have to be insane and a bad parent. aka big daddy.

I love D.G. but idk if we will see him any time soon.

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I would love for him to make an appearance in a new film. I just don't see DC taking that risk.

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Night wing would be an awesome movie character

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eh in 20 years.
Superhero movies will expand so much that Grayson will make an appearance.Since the point in Superhero movies today isn't to make a good movie but to make a cinematic universe.

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Hopefully, but it'd be wishful thinking