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it seems like every bat family book ties in at least once in every batman event. im tired of buying soo many tie ins for every batman story

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Not at one point since the New 52 started have you been forced to buy other issues to understand the core Batman book. Stop complaining about something you choose to do

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I don't like how it seems writers and Batman never get time to themselves to do there own thing. But its whatever.

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Well at least they are good stories/events so far. Just don't buy the tie ins if you don't like it.

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All of them are good so i have no problem

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That's kind of the purpose of Scott Snyder's Batman. It's the main Batman title and all the other books are connected to it. Also, all of them have been really good, so.....

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What's the difference between a tie-in and a crossover?

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Not at one point since the New 52 started have you been forced to buy other issues to understand the core Batman book. Stop complaining about something you choose to do

This. The so called ''tie ins'' are not crucial to the main story arcs at all, but rather focus on how the title characters deal with the events on their own turf. It's like when people keep complaining about Marvel events, yet still buy them.

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What's the difference between a tie-in and a crossover?

A tie in is a stand alone tale, you don't HAVE to read it to understand the main story. For instance, in "Death of the Family" all the Bat titles had tie in issues that showed how the Joker's returned affected them, but you didn't need to read them, all you had to read was "Batman"

A crossover means you DO have to read each issue to understand it as they continue across different comics. For example, "Trinity War" is a crossover

Part one starts in JL

Part two continues in JLA

Part three continues in JLD etc etc.

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My problem with them is that they interrupt the story of the other books. Nightwing was one big tie-in to Batman at its start, and Batwing's story with Massacre was totally interrupted just to bring in sales by tying into Night of the Owls. I haven't seen any of the other Bat-title tie-ins as necessary to understand the main arc though.

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Eh. I dont mind it. You dont HAVE to read all the tie ins. And for the one I choose to read (Nightwing) I would read anyway so its cool that they have this connection in story.

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DC makes big Batman stories into events because they know that they will make a lot of money from that and that is why they try but we are not forced into buying the tie-ins,you can understand the story without reading the irrelevant tie-ins DC make.

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you read snyder's batman? you are tough.

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It annoys me in the sense that the stories of other creators are derailed in order to tie into whatever mess Batman is dealing with and usually leaves with little to no impression when it's over. Take Teen Titans as an example, it didn't play into Night of Owls, which made sense since that team isn't in Gotham, so that was fine. Then DotF arrived and Tim was literally dragged by the Joker from New York to Gotham in order to participate and ended up only proving Tim is rubbish at hiding his address. has a very poor security system and included some dumbing down of the Titans who couldn't handle a bunch of jokerized hobo's.

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@outside_85: Tim left to go to Gotham. He wasn't 'dragged' the Joker captured him while he was In Gotham after Batman put out an alert.

Tie-ins are fine by me but when a comic has as many crossovers as The Teen Titans ( Two crossovers before with two separate comics before the tenth issue -_- and with RHTO (The culling, the superboy stuff, during DotF ) it comes off as a money grab to me...

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Yes. Especially when it crosses over into too many other books.

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Depends on the writing...I'm always willing to dig a little deep into my wallet if I feel that it's worth it.

With such events, I try to wait for reviews to filter through before deciding whether I pick up the event or not.

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I don't read batman so no. but I get what you mean, hel on earth and rise of the third army killed me. I got battle of the atom next month. I like owning every issue of the event but have to sacrifice my fun comics- simpsons, adventure time, regular show stuff like that

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The problem is the frequency of tie-in books, I feel as reader and life long subsriber to various Batman and related titles, the overall longterm quality in those titles are diminishing. There seems to be an affect on the stories writers can tell with the need to tie in to the main Batman title roughly twice a year and also whatever September event that DC has planned. Two examples would be the 0 issues and Villains month. There is also a good chance that invidgual titles you may read will then crossover with a third title at some point. While I fully agree that the tie-in issues are not necessary to read but at DC it seems that the books are becoming written by those who will work in this fashion and curbing the stories that could be told in the solo or non Justice League related team books.