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I hear it all the time that Batman can win against anyone with prep time

Batman defeat Hulk Strategy 3: Inject his body with Rage Suppressants to reduce strength. Tire him out
Batman defeats Cyclops Strategy 6: Create explosive pellets that release a fast growing Ruby Quartz Synthetic over his face to reflect laser blasts back
Batman defeats Human Torch Number 12: uses Hologram Projector to show a Hologram of Catwoman, while Human Torch stares cover his body in flame retardant dust

But, how much time does he need to prep time appropriately?

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@krspacet: what have you made a thread filled with stupid?

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Sigh....I hope this gets locked.

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Well he can afford to pay to overnight ship stuff he needs, so that helps I suppose

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Batmans entire life is preperation so whatever is expedient to the writers needs.